Support Brave Women Everywhere #cbias

A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform. ~Diane Mariechild~ Women everyday are affected by abuse in many different forms from physical, mental or emotional. Many do not speak about the abuse out of guilt, fear or shame and we never know what is going on behind closed doors. We may be walking pass them on the

Wall Outlet For USB Hookups

Now I could definitely use this in my house. USB wall outlets are not available until January next year but you can pre-order them on the Current Werks website. They come in two different version to choose from: USB Outlet Quattro $39.98 © USB Outlet Duo $24.98 ©

CLOSED:Cook' n Recipe Organizer Review and Giveaway


Well the holidays have come to a close and I have a ton of new recipes that I plan on holding on to for next year that were a huge hit in my house. I always find myself with a ton of recipes that I gather around the holidays and not many place to store them aside from on note cards that I end up

Free Trial Membership To BJ's


As a mommy of two toddlers there are quite a few things I find that I will need throughout the month in bulk: snacks, diapers, wipes, cereal, Lunchables and so much more. Vocalpoint and BJ’s wants to offer you the opportunity to give BJ’s shopping a try. Benefits to having a BJ’s membership: BJ’s VALUE BJ’s Members can save over $500 on groceries a year!*

I'm Back! Giveaway Recap

Hello ALL! I hope everyone had an AMAZING Christmas with their families. I would love to know how everyone is doing and how the holidays went for them and what you plan on doing as we get closer to the new year. I just wanted to recap on the two awesome giveaways that I still have going on and that ending toward the start of

On A Frozen Treat Hunt At Super Target #cbias


Now when I make my way to the store I love to have the option of buying my little ones and my husband and I a healthier alternative to regular ice cream…Now do not get me wrong I love my peanut butter and vanilla ice cream. Now while the kids are generally not picky when it comes to sweets they do prefer sorbet and frozen

Last Minute Gift Ideas #GiftCardsRock

During the holidays and even birthdays life happens and I have a bad habit of forgetting to buy a gift. Giving a gift card is not just for last-minute gifts but it is also for those family members that are hard to shop for. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have given a gift and I can just tell by

Watch The Reindeer Cam Free


  Gather the little ones around the computer and watch Santa’s Reindeer Cam for free and even see Santa feed the reindeer at 10 am EST and again at 5 pm EST. My kids LOVE this they have literally been watching it every day last week and this week. They will even take shifts watching the reindeer.