CLOSED:Holiday Gift Guide: Perplexus Giveaway

Here is an awesome educational toy giveaway and great holiday gift idea for kids.

The Perplexus Original – Nominated Educational Toy of The Year

What is the Perplexus?

The Perplexus is a 3-D maze recommended for children ages 6+ where children work to maneuver a small ball around barriers inside a large sphere. There are various paths and nearly a dozen barriers that will need to be overcome. Players have the option to race each other or against the clock. This tool encourages children to exercise their hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills and dexterity and motor skills.

Perplexus has been nominated Toy of The Year by the Toy Industry Association. The TIA is like the Oscars for the toy industry and it is a consumer vote.

Enter to win: Enter below for a chance to win the Perplexus.

Mandatory entry is easy and that is to vote for the Perplexus ad Toy Of The Year.

Voting Instructions:

  1. Click Here  and select Perplexus Original as the Educational Toy of the Year, scroll to the bottom and select SUBMIT MY VOTE
  2. Complete the voter entry form and click REGISTER ME
  3. Vote for at least 2 other toys in other categories and select I’M READY TO CAST MY VOTE FOR TOY OF THE YEAR!
  4. Select the Perplexus for Toy of the Year and scroll to the bottom to submit.
  5. Select a prize package, submit and you are all done!

Giveaway is open to US and Canada only, Ages 18+. Please enter using the Rafflecopter entry form below.

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