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Every women that wants to bring their little one safely into the world should be granted that opportunity. Unfortunately, that is not always possible for the women living in Uganda. Shanti Uganda provides support to birthing mothers and women/mothers living with HIV and other STIs.

Our partner, Shanti Uganda, has new ways to give in 2013 as they help mothers in Uganda deliver babies. In 2012 Shanti Uganda has assisted in bringing 113 new lives into the world safely and peacefully, tested over 400 mothers and partners for HIV and other STIs, provided 1000 antenatal care appointments and run a weekly infant immunization and family planning program. Now they need to expand their services to meet the increasing needs of the community.

Below are some photos on the Shanti Uganda website that makes me happy to have an organization like this helping women, teen girls and mothers.



Shanti Uganda offer various programs to help the women of Uganda such as the Womens’ Empowerent program:

textiles group

In this program they help support and empower women who are HIV positive and those that face a large collection of challenges such as poverty, little to no support emotionally and financially, are single parents and face frequent illnesses.  Members in this program also receive:

  • Monthly workshops on savings and financial training, literacy skills, business skills
  • A bicycle to travel to work and back
  • Health supplements and access to all services at the Shanti Uganda Birth House
  • Ongoing goal setting support
  • A Garden club for all members of Shanti Uganda’s Women’s Income Generating Group, increasing their access to land and food security
  • Onsite Community Garden providing fresh vegetables to all antenatal, labouring and postnatal clients
  • Monthly Community Garden workshops for clients and community members covering nutrition, organic gardening techniques, sustainable agriculture and food preparation

I love that they are also promoting sustainability through their community sustainability program. They even created a birth house that runs completely on solar power and a rainwater harvesting system.

In a country where 16 women die giving birth every day and 18% of new HIV infections occur from mother to child, we provide a safe, nurturing and empowering environment for mothers to birth their babies.

Maternity Centre Bathroom

What You Can Do to Help

There are a number of ways you can show your support and help the Shanti Uganda team save a life. Some of the opportunities to help includes giving a gift includes: Purchasing an acre of land, Provide social power for the birth house, Provide medical supplies and emergency transport for deliveries, Provide a place for Shanti Uganda to call home. You find out more about these opportunities to give on the Shanti Uganda website.

Learn more about the project and the programs and the families that are given the opportunity of an amazing life. You can connect with Shanti Uganda on Facebook and on Twitter.

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