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Pennington Vertical Gardening System, Farm Fresh Salad & Giveaway! #GrowWithUs

I love gardening, especially when it comes to herbs, fruits and vegetables. Incorporating fresh food into our family meals is something that cannot be passed up as it saves money and peace of mind knowing that my family is eating fresh food grown in our own backyard. In the heart of summer the sun can be draining so I like to eat foods that put a nice spring

Baby Wearing | A Time For Bonding

When my son was born I wish I was provided the information on baby wearing that I got from the midwife when I was pregnant with my daughter. It was amazing, and it is something I will continue to encourage to mommies everywhere, I will definitely do it when/if my husband, and I decide to have another one. My sister in-law and my sister have both been blessed with new

Designer Wall Planter Turns Indoor Plants Into Living Artwork

Can plants be artwork? Suite Plants, a New York-based startup, sure thinks so. Their product, LivePicture®, breathes new life into boring, old plants. The concept is simple—it’s a high-end, low-maintenance garden that hangs on the wall; perfect for offices, hotel lobbies, restaurants and luxury homes.

It’s not a green wall; LivePicture adds a touch of green to your wall without all the