Monthly Archives: August 2014

Backoff Malware

Welcome back to the world of cyber crooks. They have a new one out and about call Backoff Malware. This has been hitting your local retailers and offices searching for your Credit card and personal information. Now you would think that by the name it might “Back Off”, but something tells me that that is not what the creators had …

Brighten up your kid’s room with tree wall stickers

 Have you ever thought about decorating your son’s nursery with magic tree stickers to create a perfect outdoor environment?  If you haven’t then you must try out the jungle theme stickers in your child’s nursery and see how your kid’s face brightens up with joy and excitement seeing his very own private jungle right at his room. Small kids both boy and girls loves animals and jungle with

Quick Meals Can Be Fun and Healthy

Back to school already! I could not believe it but it is 🙂 Trying to hide my excitement and my sadness. This means a quiet house and also it brings back the need for quick meals during the week since we will be limited on time.
The recipes include Breakfast, Lunches and Dinner and more. I could not stop staring at my computer looking at all the yummy meals that were