3 Universal Tips For Smoother Traveling

International travel is more accessible now than ever before, and naturally, you may want to make the most of it, and see the world. Despite your insatiable thirst for adventure, you may look back on some of your past trips and find that they were a little more stressful than they could have been. If you want to make your future travels that much smoother, here are some tips to bear in mind…

Do Your Homework

From strange laws to alien cultural cues to new public transport systems (not to mention the language barrier!), there are all kinds of things you won’t be used to when you travel overseas. When it becomes overwhelming, it can quickly suck all the fun from a trip you’ve been planning for so long. The solution? Do more research in advance. Seen as you’re reading this, you have access to the largest and most accessible bank of knowledge in the history of the world: the internet. A quick Google search can be all it takes to learn more about visa waivers, import laws, cultural nuances, and whatever else you want to know about. The next time you’re planning a big trip, make this a part of your preparation! The more you know about your destination, the smoother your visit will be.

Remember to Sleep!

When you’re traveling between time zones, make sure you’ll have enough time to sleep and adjust to the time zone you’re heading to. Failing to do this will only disturb the harmony between your excited mind and your worn-out body, and wind up with you feeling cranky, or sleeping through the best of your trip. Plan ahead and get enough sleep wherever it’s possible. When you’re on long flights, this means eye masks, earplugs, and other things that will let you fall asleep quickly and easily. Going back to our last point, the web is full of resources where you can read tips on beating jet lag. There are even apps like Jet Lag Rooster, which are specifically designed to help you get over jet lag before it even affects you. However you do it, the better you sleep, the more enjoyable your next big trip will be.

Use Public Transport, Especially in Europe

If you’ve had a car for long enough, you might cringe at the very idea of getting aboard a crowded, dirty bus or having to navigate a confusing subway system. However, when you’re traveling, you’re generally much better off using public transport. Many countries, particularly in Europe, have public transport systems that far outshine what you may be used to in the states. You’ll save a lot of money as opposed to hiring a rental car, and a lot of time that you’d otherwise spend trying to find your way around foreign roads with signs you don’t understand. Just do your research in advance, and you’ll be fine. Of course, this means more walking and standing, so get some comfortable shoes and clothes. You may not look a million bucks, but you’ll certainly be much more comfortable!

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