In one small Florida town is a part of history that has been deteriorating at a pretty fast pace. Kerbo Elementary school was once the only black school for the county during the 1960s.

There were 5 classrooms, 1 administration office and a lunch room/auditorium, you think we have crowded classrooms now? Can you imagine there were 92 students enrolled at this school in 1963.

There was not much left in the classrooms aside from vandalism. From what I could find there was a non-profit in the area that the land and the remains of the school were donated to but not much was done after that unfortunately.

Lunch room/Auditorium Lunch room/Auditorium

What confused us the most about the lunch room was the amount of paperwork on the floor from the 80s. While some were school records from the elementary school and the local high school, there were bank records and statements. While this school raised more questions then it answered it was awesome to go see it. At the rate it is deteriorating it won’t be there for long.

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