Healthy Snacking On the Go | Balance Bar

I have been working hard on getting healthy since the start of the summer. Balance Bar has been helping me jump start making better choices when I am feeling snack-ish throughout the day or in rush to get out the door.

My bike has become my new best friend these past few months and while I do not go far I am gradually increasing my endurance and length of ride on my beach cruiser (my green machine). A big issue I have always had was snacking. I found myself snacking in between meals and not all of it healthy choices. Makes Dinner Night Out More Afforadable

We love taking, at least, one day of the week (typically Friday) a day where we unwind and head out to discover a new restaurant with the kids. We have found some pretty awesome places some kid friendly and some that would be better for a date night.

For a family of 4 it can be a bit expensive, thankfully make family dinner night out much more affordable which makes it even more enjoyable!