Travelers Must Fight The Tide Of Closed-Mindedness

There’s something that every good traveler needs to practice but seems to be in dwindling surprise in this divisive culture of ours. Open-mindedness. Too many people perceive openness nowadays as weakness, as being wishy-washy, but in reality, having a broader experience of the world is the only way to be mentally and emotionally strong. When traveling, it’s essential to be …

Tiny Home: Big Living in Tiny Packages #tinyhouse

Ah 2015 the year of the move for the Whitehead family…fingers crossed. In our search looking for a home and a builder I have seen a huge influx of posts and conversation about tiny home living. People (single people, couples and families alike) building these amazing looking homes in small packages and I can only suspect smaller financial burdens. Here are some pretty awesome Tiny Homes that I have found: