Celebrate National Self-Improvement Month with Lifelock #LifeLockHealthyCredit

Having been a victim of identiy theft I can understand firsthand the feeling of vulnerability. Thankfully it was not so extensive that accounts could not be changed and everything put back the way they were. I was so glad to discover lifelock and I feel  better knowing that my information is being kept safe. Thanks to Lifelock I no longer have to worry about my identity

Designer Wall Planter Turns Indoor Plants Into Living Artwork

Can plants be artwork? Suite Plants, a New York-based startup, sure thinks so. Their product, LivePicture®, breathes new life into boring, old plants. The concept is simple—it’s a high-end, low-maintenance garden that hangs on the wall; perfect for offices, hotel lobbies, restaurants and luxury homes.

It’s not a green wall; LivePicture adds a touch of green to your wall without all the