Designer Wall Planter Turns Indoor Plants Into Living Artwork

Can plants be artwork? Suite Plants, a New York-based startup, sure thinks so. Their product, LivePicture®, breathes new life into boring, old plants. The concept is simple—it’s a high-end, low-maintenance garden that hangs on the wall; perfect for offices, hotel lobbies, restaurants and luxury homes.

It’s not a green wall; LivePicture adds a touch of green to your wall without all the installation and maintenance expenses. Installing a LivePicture is as simple as hanging a framed painting on the wall (and it’s just as easy to move). Just add water once every four to six weeks.

And for those looking to change the plants on a seasonal basis, LivePicture’s interchangeable plant cassettes easily snap in and out of the frame.

“From a design standpoint, it’s easy to see how LivePicture makes a space more visually appealing – it’s literally a piece of living art,” said Amber Mufale, Director of Legal and Media for Suite Plants.  Commenting on LivePicture’s uniqueness, Amber explains “We took a look at the market and realized there was a big opening for a product that looked great, but that wouldn’t require the costly installation and maintenance associated with green walls. LivePicture is a huge time and cost saver.”

The product was unveiled in August at the Plantscape Industry Expo, where it generated a lot of excitement. “Suite Plants was a sweet surprise at the Plantscape Industry Expo this year,” said industry veteran Karin Senneff of Victory Lap. “Not only are their LivePictures beautiful, design sensitive and innovative,” said Karin, “but their people are delightful. The Suite Plants team is incredibly knowledgeable, and extremely interested in what matters to the professional interiorscaper and the challenges they face in the marketplace. I am looking forward to my LivePicture arriving soon.”

President and CEO of Evergreen Interiors Inc., Vicky Cate, is looking forward to introducing LivePicture to her clients. “I am excited that there is finally a sleek, contemporary wall planter on the market that fits in with the high-end look our customers are going for,” explained Vicky. “This is the first product I’ve seen that is so simple to hang and maintain.”

Going beyond aesthetics, numerous studies have shown the health benefits of having plants in home and office environments. According to a study conducted by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), indoor plants play a powerful role in removing toxic agents from the air. Hospitals are also seeing the benefits of indoor plants, as documented by research at Kansas State University showing that adding plants to hospital rooms quickens patient recovery time.

SuitePlant’s product line is manufactured in Holland from recyclable material.

Suite Plants, based in New York, is part of Mobilane USA, Inc. and was founded in 2013. The company traces its roots to Mobilane, B.V. in The Netherlands.

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