Four Fantastic-For-Foodies Destinations In Mainland USA

For anyone who is a foodie, a holiday is never just about the location. The place is nice – of course you want the place to be nice – but the main attraction is the food. You want to sample different things, experiment with the local beverages, try interesting cuisines, or just experience the best version of a familiar dish. Having an interest in food and drink is having a hobby you can take everywhere with you, rather than having to leave it behind when you travel.

There are plenty of places throughout the world where you can sample the best culinary wares on offer. However, you don’t have to head overseas to get the fascinating foodie experience that your tastebuds are craving. In fact, you can find amazing experiences of local delicacies and best-in-the-country offerings in the mainland USA – here are a few suggestions to get your mouth watering.

A Different Wine Country: Missouri

If you were to name off the top of your head where you’d be best placed to find a wine-related holiday, it’s a good bet your answer would be California. It is, after all, the self-designated home of the “new world” wine movement, with entire sun-drenched valleys given over to the pursuit of the perfect glass.

But California is also… well… everyone does wine in California. For a foodie, you want to find something different, off the beaten track. That’s why Missouri should be the first stop on your list. The Hermann wine trail is the place to be, giving you a choice of seven wineries and even courses on how to pair wine with food. You can visit the vineyard where the grapes are grown during the day and then sample the produce in the evening – perfect!

The Best Pie In The Land: Florida

If you’re a fan of key lime pie, then it should come as no surprise to you that Florida has the best offering of the dish anywhere in the USA. The dish is named after the small key limes (the botanical name for which is Citrus aurantifolia) that provide the juice that gives the pie its kick. Sure, you can buy key lime pie throughout the world or even try to make it yourself but there’s nothing like a fresh batch from a bakery in the Florida Keys.

Get Your Paws On The Claws: Maine

Maine has a reputation for being the hotspot for a variety of seafood, but it’s lobster that is the star attraction. Served fresh from the Atlantic Ocean, lobster in Maine is a dish you’ll want to keep coming back to. Look for waterfront restaurants especially, giving you the chance to sample the produce of the sea while enjoying the sunset vista over the ocean.

Steak Your Claim: Nebraska

As a foodie, you’re probably well used to the idea of steaks from Omaha being seen as the gold standard for fans of good beef. As a statewide enterprise, Nebraska uses almost unique farming methods to produce the tastiest cuts around – and you don’t need a brand name to do it. For the best experience, check into self-catered accommodation and buy a steak from the nearest butcher. Chances are, it’ll be the best you have ever had.



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