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Summer is here! For me it is not just about summer vacation and no school, it means birthdays and sweet summer treats. Between my two little ones and their little neighborhood friends I enjoy putting together little treats for the kids to enjoy when they come over. When Celebration by Frey sent me an assorted collection of candies to enjoy the colors inspired me to create My Little Pony cake treats.

Your sweet tooth can never be big enough! My daughter and I had so much fun baking and putting our little jars together. 

The hardest part was trying to keep the “kids” from tasting all of the different candies. These little cake and candy jars would be perfect for birthday parties, sleepover parties or even taking them to school. 

I had so much fun matching her little ponies to the icing and the candies!

I love doing themes with all of my parties so I could see a fun moms only party using the pearls and the beautiful gum balls or even a party for smaller children, I used the goggly eye candies to make little funny monster jars. 

Celebration by Frey candy colors were such an inspiration to me. I absolutely love the bright and vibrant colors it has such a fun and happy summer feel to them. Celebration by Frey products are available in many different colors and formats including gumballs, Sixlets, Pearls and Candy Crumble (which were my favorites)! The pink shimmer ones are amazing also, all the shimmer ones to be honest, they were almost too pretty to eat….Almost!


It's Time for a Giveaway!

Want to give Celebration by Frey candies a try in your own sweet summer recipe? 

Enter to win $50 combo pack that includes the following (keep in mind you can make substitutions):

Sixlets 1.75oz Peg Bag – Shimmer Spring Mix 1 $1.00
Gumballs Googlie Eyes 1.41oz 1 $1.00
Candy Crumble 1.3oz Peg Bag – Pink and White 1 $1.00
Candy Crumble 1.3oz Peg Bag – Powder Blue and White 1 $1.00
Candy Crumble 1.3oz Peg Bag – Lime Green and White 1 $1.00
Sixlets 1.75oz Peg Bag – Pink 1 $1.00
Sixlets 1.75oz Peg Bag – Powder Blue 1 $1.00
Sixlets 1.75oz Peg Bag – White 1 $1.00
Sixlets 1.75oz Peg Bag – Tie Dye 1 $1.00
Pearls 1.75oz Peg Bag – Tie Dye 1 $1.00
Pearls 5oz Shaker Jar – Shimmer Bright Pink 1 $4.00
Pearls 5oz Shaker Jar – Shimmer Powder Blue 1 $4.00
Pearls 5oz Shaker Jar – Shimmer Lime Green 1 $4.00
Sixlets 14oz Peg Bag – Yellow 1 $5.00
Sixlets 14oz Peg Bag – Lime Green 1 $5.00
Sixlets 14oz Peg Bag – Blue 1 $5.00
Gumballs 8oz Peg Bag – Shimmer Bright Pink 1 $4.00
Gumballs 8oz Peg Bag – Shimmer Powder Blue 1 $4.00
Sixlets 14oz Stand Up Bag – Orange 1 $4.00
Sixlets 14oz Stand Up Bag – Shimmer Blue 1 $4.00

Giveaway starts Friday, July 8, 2016  at 10:01 AM EST–July 22 , 2016

Enter to Win A $50 Selection of summer Celebration by Frey Decorative Candies
Disclosure: This is a Fashionista Event and a promotional item was provided to me by Celebration by Frey.

Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years and ModlyChic.



    This contest is so awesome and we have multiple chances to win so I love! I went to their website and I like all of the rainbows of colors in the crumbles and the hearts shaped ones especially. All of these candies would be fun to decorate cookies and cupcakes with. I’d want a baking set up or a candy buffet they all look so cool.


    I would like to get the Mint Ovation Sticks because they are great after dinner mints.

    abfantom at yahoo dot com


    Oh my goodness… too many choices! I’d love to get the Shimmer Girl Camo Sixlets Peg Pouch for my daughter’s upcoming birthday party and the Red & White Candy Crumble Shaker Jar for my upcoming Christmas treats!


    I would most like to get the Shimmer Tie Dye Sixlets Peg Pouch because I love Sixlets!!

  5. Kimberly Flickinger

    I would love the shimmer powder blue pearls and the powder blue crumbles to decorate cookies for an upcoming baby shower.


    I would love to try the Shimmer Gold Pearls. They would be great for decorating cupcakes or other desserts


    I would love to try the Shimmer Tie Dye Sixlets. They would be perfect to decorate cakes and cupcakes to give as gifts!


    The Black Sixlets would be fun for making Jack O Lantern faces on our baked goodies at Halloween.

  9. paige chandler

    I woudl love to try the Shimmer Tie Dye Sixlets. They would be perfect to decorate my daughters upcoming Birthday cake. She and her friends will be awestruck

  10. Lissa Crane

    I would most like to have the Shimmer Lavender Sixlets Shaker Jar! We are huge fans of the color and use it often in themes for our parties, so I would be able to use these in tall and short vases as accents on my table and then also on my desserts as decorations! I love your idea of the MLP jars! My daughters are huge fans and would flip over this idea!


    I would want the red white and pink hearts because they’re cute and I would use them for gifts for valentine’s day


    These are so adorable and I bet yummy too. You can do just about anything with a mason jar.


    I like the princess mix sixlets because I have a little girl birthday coming up and they would love these little bits of shimmer on their cakes.

  14. Allyson Tice

    the candy that i most love to try at my next party would be the Niagara Foiled Solid Milk Bear Pop (1.5oz)
    !! these would be prefect for my sons party!

  15. Janet Lee

    I would get the Finest Assorted Pralines Box . I love chocolate and with nuts and caramel is just heavenly 🙂

  16. Jennifer Bryan Stratton

    I would love to have the Snowflake Mix Pearls for my Christmas baking. It’s never to early to plan for Christmas.


    I would love the Girl Camo Mix Pearls Candies Peg Pouch. These would be great to decorate my grand daughter’s birthday cake.

  18. Birdie Bee

    I would most like to give the Shimmer Lavender Sixlets to my granddaughters as they love Sixlets. These would also be a great treat for all of their summer birthdays.


    I would love to win the Pearls Shaker Jar in Shimmer Lime Green for my son’s 1st birthday party!


    I would like to try the Foiled Solid Milk Pastel Blue Hearts first and foremost. I think it would go over well with my whole family.


    I would get the Tie Dye Sixlets Candy for my husband. He loves Sixlets and this would be a blast from the past for him


    I’d like some Foiled Milk Peanut Butter Filled Hearts because I’m pretty sure they’ll satisfy my sweet tooth,


    I like the Chocobloc Assorted Mini Bars Stand Up Bag because it has an assortment and hopefully the individually wrapped bars will help me to not eat it all at once.


    WoW! Awesome. I would love to try any of these. I love all of them on their site, but I really love the princess mix sixlets and the googlie eye gumballs.My dad taught me how to bake and him and I taught my 2 teen girls,so the 4 of us would love to share this if I win and make some family memories.I have so many ideas running through my mind that I want to do.summertime is always better with some sweetness.i love ur candy elegant and pretty.i love the googlie eye in the top of the jar.super cute.i also love construction paper tablecovers for a candy bar.anytime kids can be creative is always a bonus in my book.i will totally have to do this with my girls.thank u for the chance to win.

  25. DanielleCorrelle

    Spring Mix Sixlets! I remember eating Sixlets as a kid and they have such a fun texture 🙂 I think they’d be perfect for decorating cakes and cupcakes too.


    I would love the Princess Mix Sixlets Peg Pouch. Would be great for my daughters birthday. I love the colors.
    Thank you!

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