My Top 4 Tips for Florida Family Travel

Having lived in Florida for almost 20 years and being parents for 5 years my husband and I have almost mastered the art of traveling around in-state with little ones in tow to ensure they are able to have fun and yet stay safe.

Even though summer is almost over I just wanted to offer some Florida family travel tips for those that may be making their way to the state for the first time during the summer vacation days or even around the holidays.


Tip #1 – When we get sun, we get sun!

Always, always, always bring a good amount of sunscreen! I have enough red-faced little kids and parents to know how important bathing your body in sunscreen is important. Granted I have a better tan then my husband 😉 I still have to make sure I am protected. Him and my son burn easily because they both have fair skin and with my daughter and I it may take a bit but we get there. I have had sunburn on my face and it is not fun; it feels like someone scraped sandpaper across my face. I find that using a SPF50 works the best for the kids and my husband and I.

Tip #2 – When It Rains it Pours

Just as we have a ton of sun we also get a ton of rain. It can come in spurts or last for hours. I have even seen it rain in the backyard and stay bone dry and sunny in the front yard. I kid you not! My husband told me when him and sister were little they would be playing in the backyard when it rained and simply moved to the front yard jumping from the rain to the sun. Bring an umbrella wherever you decide to go. I buy those little purse umbrellas I have one in the house, in my car and in my purse at all times, you just never know! 

Tip #3 – Stay Hydrated

This tip goes along with Tip #1 it gets hot here even during the winter. I remember last winter the cold did not set in until late in November, where the year before it started freezing around late October. During anytime spent outside make sure you and the little ones are stay hydrated bring bottles of water or Gatorade with you to the beach or to the theme parks, the playground, etc.

Tip #4 – Prepare for Anything

This is just a general tip for traveling anywhere with little ones. Bring a first aid kit because you never know when a boo boo will occur, even to yourself. Bring something for upset tummies. When you are away from home you do not always eat the same as you do when you are home and this can sometimes cause little bellies to go a little crazy. One thing I have found works really well is Culterelle Kids. My daughter has a sensitivity to dairy products so I try to keep it out of her diet at home but when we are out it is hard to keep it out completely. So Culterelle Kids has done the trick. They provide it in a chewable tablet or as a powder that can be mixed into applesauce or even a glass of juice.

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