My Top Abandoned Places of 2015

Whoa! 2016…where in the world did 2015 go? and where are the flying cars? Fine I guess I will just settle with my regular old car lol. So 2015 was an awesome year I finally was able to find the time to visit the areas around where I live and some a bit further out (like a 2 hour or so drive away).  Here are my top photos of abandoned places one girl and her cell phone lol.

Abandoned Orlando Luxury Condos

Kartouche Night Club Downtown Jacksonville

Space Shuttle Fuel Tank

Abandoned North Florida Hotel

Abandoned Grain Depot

Here is to an even better 2016! My resolution was to get out more and get more photos like the ones above and if you get out and do some urban exploring of your own I would love to know about it. 

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