Parenting? It’s About Preparation

As a parent, you’re going to want one thing for your family – the best. It’s only natural; it taps right into our instincts. A lot of the focus of parenting is going to be on the idea of ‘the best.’ You’re going to want to know what the best meals for your kids are; you will want to know the best path for their life. It’s always going to be the best this and the best that.

But this is missing something. The focus of parenting is always going to be on the best – but what about the worst. No – we don’t concentrate on achieving the worst for our kids but avoiding it. If we don’t think about how we will cope when bad times arrive knocking at our door, we could be in some serious trouble. In fact, we need to always have one eye on the bad times as a parent because they are unavoidable, unfortunately. If we aren’t preparing for the bad times in life, we will be unprepared, and that’s not what any parent wants – not at all. We want to be able to handle the worst in life. That can’t happen if we are not prepared.

Preparation helps us defeat those bad situations and emergencies when they arise. We have a lot of responsibilities as a parent that range from cooking and cleaning to safeguarding and educating – above all though; we need to prepare for those worst-case scenarios so that we can deal with them when they arise. The worst times in life will jump out of the blue – but not if you’ve got one eye on them. There will always be warning signs, and it’s on you, as a responsible parent, to spot them and be ready for them.

What are these bad times? Well – there is simply no end to them. Each family will experience differing trials and tribulations from health issues to financial worries and everything in between. It matters not what the situation is that brings you down – but how you and your family cope and how you’ll prepare for it.

Finances are something that can affect every family. From stock market crashes to robberies and liquidations and debts. There are plenty of ways that a lack of cash can have an impact on a family. Now, there are plenty of ways to cope and survive when unexpected financial situations arise, mainly you’ll need to prepare for them. If money is good right now – take advantage of that fact and try to save up an emergency fund that can cover your family in case of a change in circumstances. If money isn’t good – find ways to save and build up that emergency fund. If you can save up to cover expenses, you can certainly help you and your family survive times of financial insecurity.

Other things can happen as well. Things that can split a family. A breakdown in a loving relationship is one of these things. Marriages can dull, a partnership can fall apart, and family can fall apart and away from each other. The trouble is, we are all unique, and we have different needs, thoughts, and emotions. We are fluid, and this can create friction since we are all so unique. People don’t always fit together and sometimes; things don’t work out. You might not be able to prepare for this – but you can certainly do your best to make a relationship work by being a rock for your partner. No matter how hard your life is  – try to be there for them. It pays to listen and be an incredible partner for your loved one. Some things don’t always work out – so you should be able to say that you tried to make things work, and if they don’t – you can certainly ensure the split is amicable, friendly and works for the family.


We cannot always avoid these bad situations, and there are so many – take an illness for example. Sometimes, terrible illnesses can strike from out of nowhere. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t try our best to be happy and healthy to fight them off. You can’t guarantee a sickness free life, but you can give yourself a great shot at living a happy and healthy life if you pay attention to the food you eat, the activities you partake in and how happy you and your family are.

We don’t want to be negative – not as hopeful parents, but we have to prepare and think about the worst in life so we can cope with it and ideally avoid it!





  1. ellen beck

    So many do not think about these things… and then hit a snag and the world takes a tumble. Having a child is a huge thing it is a person you are responsible for. Great post and article.

  2. Barrie

    Very good point as we don’t think about the bad and aren’t always prepared for it. Nothing better than having a child!

  3. Marti Tabora

    Really great information to have. Parenting is hard and often we can overlook these kinds of things, but are much better off being prepared. Thanks for sharing.

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