Purchasing Gifts For Your Growing Baby Girl

Daughters are always interesting to see grow. One the one hand, they can mature faster than boys do, but on the other hand, they don’t let go of their fondness for girls toys until they’re into their teenage years. It can be hard to draw the dividing line between when they’re a child and when they’re a young adult, and it’s usually the opposite of what they’d say about this themselves.

How do you choose the best baby gifts for them when they’re insisting that they’re older than they are? Well, you can choose these potential gift ideas that will make them feel older and responsible, even if you know, deep down, they aren’t.

Ear Piercings

A good way to help your baby girl feel like she’s growing is allowing her to get her ears pierced. This can be done from early childhood, but when the appropriate age is for your child is down to your judgment as a parent. Take her to a place that’s professional and is used to dealing with kids, and communicate with her to the best of her ability that if she does want to get it done, it might hurt for a few minutes.

Piercers at reputable salons or stores are usually incredibly professional about the process and are used to helping children stay at ease. To begin with, your child will be limited to ‘training studs,’ to help the earlobe shape to the piercing. However, over time, they’ll be able to select their own earrings. For now, dangle earrings are probably not the best choice, but there are plenty of beautiful and decorative studs they’re sure to enjoy once they progress from the training ones.


If you don’t think your child would best adapt to ear piercings at this stage, why not just get them a piece of assorted jewelry? Necklaces, rings, bracelets, these are looked upon fondly by young girls and will give them a mode of self-expression that will serve to make them feel beautiful. That’s always positive for a young girl.


No matter how old or tall your child, there will be a beautiful dress for them to wear. This will make them feel on top of the world, and you’ll be able to inadvertently allow them to feel more mature in a relatively harmless way.

Baby Toys

Why not purchase your little girl a small baby toy with a pram? Little girls are often interested in practicing their developing maternal urges through methods of care and love, and a small baby toy is a great way for them to express that. This will set them up for life as well when they come to have their own children. It will also teach them care, responsibility, and gentleness. Just what a little girl who wants to be a big girl deserves.

Fancy Dress

They might not be old enough to wear ball gowns and princess tiara’s unironically, but they can certainly pretend to be so. Disney films often depict princesses that young girls love, and you’ve likely experienced some of them. In fact, if you have a young daughter and they’ve yet to see a Disney princess film, you’re in a tiny minority. These princesses often have dresses merchandised and is a fantastic way for your daughter to express her adult and princess-like tendencies.

She’s sure to love any of these gifts, and her early maturing will surely be satiated.

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