Abandoned America – Sulphur Springs Water Tower Tampa Landmark

Located in Tampa and seen by thousands of Florida residents from the I-275 highway is the Sulphur Springs Water Tower. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have passed this tower on 275 heading to St. Pete or downtown Tampa and NEVER thought to stop by and see what it was all about.

Here is some info on the history of the tower:

From Wikipedia:

The water tower was built in 1927 by Grover Poole for realtor and developer Josiah S. Richardson to supply adequate water pressure to the Sulphur Springs Hotel and Apartments and Mave’s Arcade Richardson had developed next to Sulphur Spring with plans to expand the resort spa, alligator farm tourist attraction, and other enterprises. Mave’s Arcade occupied the first floor of the hotel building and was the first shopping mall in Florida.

While not abandoned it looks like the upkeep has been slightly lacking as the road going in is pretty broken up and the tower hasn’t really been kept up.

 photo 20150912_141233_zpskzo4uitz.jpg photo 20150912_140710-01 1_zpsvavqlbih.jpeg photo 20150912_141059_zpsprz6op1t.jpg

Unfortunately it is not open to the public to go in (for obvious reasons) beyond the walking around it but I was able to slide my phone in through a hole in the metal they have blocking the entrance. Almost dropped my phone but I got the shot and my curiosity was satisfied 🙂

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