Summer Vacation | Getting Your Car Ready For a Summer Adventure

Summer is just around the corner, and alongside those long days of vacations, basking in the sunshine and enjoying BBQs with friends and family, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to load up the car with fuel and go on an epic adventure. This is exactly the type of getaway that summer was made for: long days on the road, going wherever you please, and staying in a new town every night. But before you can embark, you’ll need to get your car in order. Here’s how.

All in Order

First thing’s first, how’s the car looking? Your vehicle might work just fine as you’re zipping around your own town, but you won’t want to take any chances when it comes to driving on an adventure. If you know your way around cars, take a look under the hood and make sure everything is in order. If not, take it into a garage for a once over. Aside from how the car runs, it’s also important that you make sure all the lights and necessary fluids are working properly.

Toughening up the Vehicle

You’re not driving around your urban town anymore. When you’re out on the road, you might be driving in the mountains, through streams, around wildlife, on rocky gravel, and many other environments that can, if it’s not protected properly, give your car a bit of a beating. Make sure you prep your vehicle for the surroundings you’ll be driving through. Taking a road trip through the Scottish Highlands? Then you’ll have to make sure your car can handle heavy rain showers (it’s summer, but Scotland doesn’t really know the meaning of the word…). If you’re driving in Australia, then you’ll have pleasant weather on your side, but you might not be ready to take on the brushy landscape of the outback. Before you set off, look at bull bars in Perth; when they’re on the front of your vehicle, they’ll toughen up your car and help protect the vulnerable spot against threats. Whether it’s the Scottish Highlands, American West, or the Australian Outback, you’ll also want to change your tires to a set that is more robust and able to better navigate the tough outdoors.

The Added Thrills

When it comes to your car, everyone it’s about more than just driving. In this day and age, you should also have a certain level of fun in your vehicle. When you’re out on the road, there’s nothing better than being able to blast out some of the best driving songs as you cruise along magnificent scenery. If your current entertainment setup isn’t all that much, now might be the time to invest in a sound system that will keep singing along and entertained during your trip.

Knowing Its Limits

Even if you’re prepping your car to take on the world, it’s important that you’re aware of its limitations. Not all cars will be fit to take on the mountains or long periods of intense driving, even if most of the problems stem from your own discomfort in being inside the car for so long. When it comes to planning, take care to ensure it’s a comfortable ride, and that you know more or less what the car is capable of.

Out on the Road

When the time comes, it’s about having fun! However, as you journey along, make sure you’re keeping an eye on the important details of the car. How are the tires holding up? Are all the warning lights off? Pay attention to your car during the trip, and everything will run smoothly!


  1. ellen beck

    This are all great points! I know we also carry emergency bags in all vehicles. Hubby is mechanically inclined and so we also carry the basic tools and make sure the spare is available . Some new cars do NOT come with a spare- at the very least carry fix a flat.

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