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Windows 8.1 Announcement at Computex Taipei 2013

From blog to news, Microsoft has announced the upcoming new version of windows. During Microsoft’s keynote at Computex Taipei 2013, the world’s second largest computer show, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s OEM division Nick Parker reinforced the potential the Windows platform can offer for partners. As part of the keynote, Windows CFO and CMO Tami Reller joined him onstage and …

Earth Day: 13 Things Everyone Can Do in 2013

Chicago, IL—On April 22nd, the world will celebrate Earth Day. Sustainable food and agriculture systems can play a big role in preserving the environment by helping to improve soil health, protecting biodiversity, and mitigating climate change. Earth Day is a great opportunity for eaters, farmers, and food businesses to make changes in their diets, shopping habits, and production practices that will promote sustainable, healthy food throughout the year.
Agriculture contributes to

Social Fresh East 2013 Social Media Conference in Tampa 4/18-4/19

As a blogger I am always looking for ways to get my information out and learn how to use the tools (like social media) I have at my disposal. One thing I have heard quite a bit about from other bloggers is that going to various conferences will provide great tips, tools and information you may not have heard of before when connecting with readers as well as brands. I