Pandora | The World of Avatar at Animal Kingdom

The moment is here! Well… it will be on May 27th. I was so thankful to have the opportunity to get a chance to see the world of Avatar (the largest expansion since the Animal Kingdom opened) added to Disney’s the Animal Kingdom and no words could describe how many dreams came true for me.

During our preview of Pandora at the Animal Kingdom we had the chance to check out the new rides, Flight of Passage and The Nav’i River Journey, the menu at the Satu’li restaurant and the new Avatar merchandise at Windtraders.

The Rides

There are two new rides at Pandora in Animal Kingdom: The Flight of Passage and the Na’vi River Journey.

The Flight of Passage lets you bond and ride on the back of your very own Mountain Banshee. It is a 3D world, but I feel like it is more like a 4D ride because while you see the beautiful mountain tops, I could feel mist off the waterfalls and smelled the flowers in the caves. It is an experience for all the senses. Check out a clip from the ride:

The Na’vi River Journey takes you deep into the bioluminescent rainforest on a search for the Shaman of songs. You see Na’vi locals, flora, fauna and the various creates from the movie. The Shaman of songs was the most realistic animatronic that I have ever seen at Disney. She was just as beautiful as the surroundings.

The new Satu’li Restaurant menu

Now to my favorite subject… FOOD! What does one eat a million miles from Earth? They eat an incredible assortment of food that is eye-catching and delicious. They have a great variety of fresh vegetables and proteins for you to choose from. You can check out the full menu here. Here are some highlights of what we had and yes this is the first time I have discovered passion fruit popping boba…soooo crisp and refreshing since Orlando was like 1000 degrees.

animal kingdom

mmm… time for a drink at Pongu Pongu


Windtraders Store

The new line of products available at the new store will make me go broke. They are offering it all from picture frames, kids clothing, toys, adopt your own banshee and even a Na’vi translator!

Here is a clip of Steven Miller, the Merchandise Communications Manager, talking about the translator:





Check out our full photo gallery.

The world of Pandora opens officially May 27th! For more information about the new land at


  1. Ali Rost

    We visited the Animal Kingdom ten years or so ago with our kids, and are hoping to one day return with our grandchildren. These two new rides look absolutely amazing. Although I have to admit, I’m a serious scardy cat when it comes to rides, and it’s always my hubby (who’s the biggest kid at heart) standing in line with them! x

  2. Dee

    This is so cool, but I have to admit that I have never and I mean never seen Avatar. I know its sad, but it has never been a movie that has interested me. I am going to have to take time to watch it now so that I can have a better understand of Pandora.

  3. censie

    There has been so much info coming out about the new Avatar area of Disney Animal Kingdom. It all looks so cool. I hope one day that we get to go and visit. Although I do not want to wait in the 4 hour lines everyone is talking about! ha!

  4. Roch

    Our family is a big fan of Avatar. We watched the movie at least four times and still do not get tired of it. It has such amazing concept and the rainforest looks so beautiful. This visit to Disney Animal Kingdom is so cool!

  5. My Teen Guide

    My niece and her family were there last March and they loved it. I have yet to return and experience the two new rides. The food looks so good I just wanted to reach out and take a bite! Hopefully this summer we’ll be able to go back. My kids are raring to go!

  6. lisa

    OMGoodness, my kids would love to visit Disney Animal Kingdom, we all love Avatar. I can’t wait to make the trip their so they can enjoy the Avatar rides. The food looks so delicious, I have to add this to our summer travel list!

  7. liz Cleland

    I saw a bunch of my writer friends going to this and I have to say WOW. I love the whole concept, movie and idea of this new addition to Disney. I can’t wait to take my son and explore this in person because I bet the photos just can’t describe how awesome it is!

  8. Nancy L.

    We were in Disney the week before and wished we could have stayed long enough to see the The World of Avatar. It looks absolutely surreal! The Flight of Passage and The Na’vi River Journey both look like must-see rides. Great videos! And, oooh…the food and drink look awesome!
    I guess I will have to book another flight and get to Disney soon to see it.

  9. Stefanie G

    My family and I are going to Disney for the first time in September, I can’t wait! I’ll definitely be checking out the World of Avatar!

  10. Katherine

    We’re headed there next month. I was on the fence on whether to include Animal Kingdom to our itinerary, but this sold me on it. Especially the food!

  11. Deborah Cruz

    Perfect timing! We are leaving for Walt Disney World on Saturday for a week. We are so excited. We have been looking forward to Pandora’s opening and now, we are bursting at the seams. I just watched your videos with my family. You’ve got us in a DIsney state of mind. Thank you so much for sharing!

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