Things To Tick Off Your List For Your Asia Getaway

Asia is a vast continent, full of culture, history, nature, and an array of things to see and do. Whether you’re planning an eastern adventure, or want to see the sights of the south; Asia is crammed with idyllic destinations however you like to travel. However, once you’ve picked where you’re jetting off to, there a few things to consider, and sort out before you leave.

What Are You Taking?

With an unlimited number of possibilities, Asia can be an overwhelming place when it comes to deciding on the sort of vacation you want to take. Consider if you’re going to want to be backpacking as you hike through ancient ruins, strolling around local markets and villages, or seeing the bright lights of a bustling city (or a mix of the three if you like to keep busy). The sort of holiday you’re taking will dictate the items you’ll need to pack, as well as, the weather conditions, and the amount of time you want to spend there.

Wherever you choose to go, having a backpack is always a good idea (unless you’re spending a whole fortnight lying next to a pool). A rucksack allows you to carry all your essential items with ease and leaves your hands free to take photos, taste samples of food at the market, or bring a map and your compass. Bear in mind that in some areas it’s not safe to drink any unfiltered water, so pack any water filtration devices you might need, along with plug adaptors for your destination of choice. Do as much research into the climate, culture, and environment before you leave, as this will help you pack your case wisely.

How Are You Getting There?

You’re more than likely going to get a plane for the most of your travels. However, once you’ve landed safely in your Asian destination; you need to have sorted out how you’re getting to your accommodation. Also, if you’re traveling to several places within one trip; it’s a smart idea to have pre-booked as many trains, boat, and bus tickets as possible. Find out how and where you hire bikes and any equipment for activities you’re planning to do before you get there, as this will you precious exploration time.

Make sure you have all your paperwork in place and that you know where you can access it, should you need to. Whether you need to fill in your Indian visa application form or ensure that your passport has at least six months left until it expires before you enter China; write a list well in advance of your trip and complete all the boring admin stuff. You’ll be grateful you took the time to do so when you’re enjoying your vacay.

Once You’ve Arrived

Read, research, and plan everything you want to see and do when you’re in Asia. Alongside all the beautiful tourist sights and activities, try and discover some lesser known areas and things to do. Creating a comprehensive list of what you intend to see, can lead you towards some magical memories, which might be food related, incredible scenery, or a local festival or event. Check out 50 Things To do In Asia Before You Die, for some travel inspiration.

Planning your trip in a timely manner will ensure you get the most out of your Asian getaway and come home wanting to do it all again.


  1. ellen beck

    I am fascinated by the culture and also the history of this region. Thousands of years of history and traditions. I love your pictures!

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