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I have found a few articles this week that I find interesting and even some that are funny. But first, my heart goes out to those in France. I work with folks all over the world and I personly feel that we are a global world as the internet has pulled us closer together. Once tragedy affects us all and we have to work together to overcome the evil of this world.
But that is another story. I have some great news, I have been contacted by a Telltale Games marketing group. They are the creators of Mine Craft Story Mode. I am currently reviewing the Xbox 360 version of Story Mode and will be having a giveaway soon so, keep on the lookout!

Some other news that I have been watching is the new PBS wearable tech. This is something that I think would benefit many kids. Check out the new PBS KIDS Party App.

PBS KIDS Party App is a unique experience that gets you up and moving! Whether you want to lead a game of freeze dance, swing to find party piñatas or countdown to blast off, PBS KIDS Party lets your movements control each game. It’s party time!

PBS KIDS Party app is powered by Moff and connects to the Moff Band, which is a kids wearable bracelet that relies on motion to play games and sounds. Connecting via Bluetooth, Moff Band allows kids to play the PBS KIDS Party app with a simple wave of their hand

You do not need the Moff Band to experience this app. Kids can touch, swipe and tap through PBS KIDS Party app too.

To read more, check out the Tech Crunch article HERE!

PBS is taking wearable tech to the next level. They want to make this a common thing even offering DIY projects for you to complete and enjoy. Check out the video below! 🙂



I want to create a suit that lights up. That looks awesome!

Now for some funny. Yea, anyone who knows me knows I love my Start Wars. That is why I am feeling a little like Cartman waiting for his WII release, with this new movie coming out. I can’t wait and I am sure I am not the only one that is seriously contemplating setting up a tent! 🙂 If you were to live in the world of Luke and friends, you would Ace any quiz about the facts of the Star Wars world. Well imagine my surprise when the hero of the world himself, the one who helped to take down two death stars, reeked with the power of the Force, and whose father was the right-hand man to the emperor himself, failed a quiz on the Star Wars Universe.

You know, even if Mark Hamill, portrayed of Luke Skywalker, didn’t do so well on a Star Wars Trivia quiz, He has had an Awesome life. I would love to be on a set with him, even if all my job consisted of making sure the actors had fresh water at the end of the scene. Heck, to see the technology in use on today’s sets would be worth it, not to mention meeting the actors who I grew up watching. I can’t tell you how many times I was in an X-wing fighting the empire, and that was last week!

PC Gammer scored a great interview with Mark. He talks about his life as an actor and the turns his life has taken. Check out the video below. It is awesome! Good Job PC Gammer and Mark Hamill.



I hope to see yall in the theater. I can’t wait to see how the new tech and the classic actors of the set work well together. It may bring out the child in all of us. Oh, by the way, I am assuming that this means that Luke will be in the new film, even if he has not been depicted in any trailers yet. See Ya on opening day and May The Force Be With You!

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