Travel Troubleshooting: Drive Your Own Or Hire A Car?

A good holiday can make so much difference to your year. Just looking forward to it can make months of drudgery at work feel less soul-sapping. The way you choose to travel depends a lot on your personality. For sure, the idea of putting it all in the lap of the travel agent can seem attractive. All you then need to do is turn up and relax. For others, though, it is essential to be in control of their own itinerary.

For that to be possible, it will be necessary to have your own transport (or go somewhere with incredible public transportation). Driving somewhere unfamiliar has its challenges, but it does give you a great deal of control. If you drive past somewhere that looks interesting, you can turn the car around and have a closer look. If you want to go somewhere at 4am just because, then you hop in and go.

Drivers who want to have this kind of control have two options: Bring your own car with you, or hire one once you’re at your destination. Both choices have their pros and cons. Before you set off, ask which would work best for you?

SCENARIO: You’re Heading For The Australian Outback

This is one for experienced drivers: the Outback presents challenges that few other parts of the world do, so ensure you take a good look at so you know what to be prepared for. It’s worth the effort, of course – as well as being rugged, the area is beautiful in an austere way. It might not be the place for a hire car, all told, as you need to know you can trust your vehicle. You can arrange for your car to be transported and drive it while there.

Be aware that this isn’t flat road driving, and that can take a toll. Nothing you can’t handle or fix, and the likes of can have you good as new in no time. However, it’s not a trip to be taken in an unfamiliar car.

SCENARIO: You’re Going Across America, Road Movie-Style

The road movie has become a staple of Western cinema, and the reason is simple. Why spend untold millions on a film set when the country itself is a setting to be envied? When you plot your route, you just need to pick out some interesting stops, spend a little while getting your car ready, and set off. So, to hire or not to hire?

Here, it’s pretty simple. You may be driving for hundreds of miles at a time without stopping. You’ll be thankful for the familiarity of your own drive at this time, so don’t hire.

SCENARIO: You’re Going On A European Tour

Europe has something for everyone, and with the mountains of Austria, the beaches of Spain and the eye-popping small towns of Croatia just three high points, you’ll want to take your time – not be pushed around by officious tour operators. Europe is best seen, at your own pace, from the front seats of a car.

Europe is criss-crossed by a road system that is the envy of the world (well, they do say “all roads lead to Rome”!), so this is the perfect time and place to hire something stylish and see the continent’s opulent beauty in style.

What would your perfect combo of car and destination be?

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