Unique Things To See And Do In California

Whenever anyone thinks of California, they think of sun, beaches, Hollywood, Universal tours, and all the prominent tourist attractions in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Maybe you’ve been before and seen all those things, or maybe you’ve always wanted to go and see those things, but you weren’t sure if it’d end up becoming a little too much of a tourist-oriented trip for your liking. Well, as a southern California girl, I can tell you that it has far more to offer than you might think, once you venture off the beaten track. Here are some unique things to see and do when you’re in certain parts of the sunny state that you most likely haven’t heard of before.

When in San Francisco.

This is a beautiful city, and it’s so small that there’s chance for you to see all the big tourist attractions while you’re here; the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island are likely the two which come to mind first. However, once you’ve tackled those, you should venture off to sites such as Lombard Street and the Palace of Fine Arts; there’s so much more culture to San Francisco than even the films can show. Tackling so many aspects of the sprawling state of California might seem overwhelming, but you could consider options such as Ebmeyer Tour bus rentals if you’re looking to hop from destination to destination with ease.

When in Los Angeles.

Where to begin with L.A.? This is, of course, the most popular city to visit in California, as it plays host to Hollywood, the home of stars who’ve touched lives across the globe, as well as Universal Studios, and endless beaches. All of these things are worth seeing with your own eyes, but they’re certainly not the only things you should do in Los Angeles if you have the time to do more.

For starters, the Farmer’s Market is a great place to visit for both the delicious food and the cultural history; it was built off the back of local farmers selling their produce in what was an empty lot back in 1934. And something else you should do in L.A. that is uniquely Californian but not necessarily hugely known to tourists visits the California Pizza Kitchen. If you’ve never had a real pizza with toppings such as Brussels sprouts and bacon, then this is the place to go.

When in San Diego.

The city of San Diego is a beautiful place to visit in itself as far as visiting the “perfect” Californian city; an excellent climate, beaches, laid-back attitude, and a stunning skyline. It’s got all the usual traits, but there’s more beneath the surface if you’re willing to dig. It may not be the most popular city to visit in America or even in California, but that’s a crying shame because there’s just as much to do here as anywhere else if you crumple up the brochure and go exploring for yourself.

Still, by far, Balboa Park is a unique and fascinating experience one can have when visiting San Diego. These 1200 acres play host to countless museums, the San Diego zoo, shops, and art venues. While it may be a popular site, it’s an incredibly unique one. There are history and culture as well as modern art here; it has everything that has come to define California, and yet it’s wrapped in such a unique package.


  1. ellen beck

    I havent been to California since the 1970s! I can only imagine how things have changed. I loved everything then, I can only imagine it now.

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