Vacation Planning | Are Hotels Overrated?

Hotels can be great. For many travelers, they’re part and parcel of what makes a vacation so attractive; they represent a break from the norm in a pretty big way. But hotels are pretty darn expensive, and there are loads of other accommodation options available to people these days. So it’s worth asking ourselves if hotels are a little bit overrated. Here are some of the problems with hotels you should consider!

A lack of privacy

One of the biggest problems with going on any vacation is that you don’t have a lot of time to yourself. Sure, you’ve got a hotel room, but the staff could technically walk in at any time they please. You need to vacate the room now and then for cleaning and various checks. Housekeeping and other office services – as useful and brilliant as they are! – can become a bit of a disturbance if you need some privacy, or even some time to do some work (not that you should be doing work on vacation, but sometimes it can’t be avoided!).

Too much of a break from the norm?

When you travel to somewhere new, part of the magic of that experience is seeing how other people live. Being around the locals of a new place is a thrilling experience – but there’s always something a little alien about returning to a hotel room. It makes you feel more like a tourist and less like a local. While a lot of people love to feel that complete break from the norm in the form of a hotel room, there’s something to be said for renting a vacation home or apartment and living like a local for a while. Companies like Windham rentals have more information about the options available to you in this regard.

Hotel Food woes

Food quickly becomes one of the biggest expenses on any vacation. Not only that, but you may also find yourself quite limited when it comes to choice. When you’re at the hotel, you’re at the mercy of their menu, which is usually extremely expensive. This means you’ve got to leave and head to a restaurant – which may be cheaper but is rarely cheap. It also takes up a lot of time and requires you to do some research on the options in that area. If you’re vegetarian, vegan, or have certain allergies, this makes the entire problem a lot more complicated.

The reviews problem

Five-star hotels are guaranteed to be a brilliant time, right? Well, not quite. Reviews can’t always be trusted, even when they’re on independent review websites. There are a lot of smaller, independent, or family-owned establishments out there that have very high ratings on these sorts of sites despite not being deserving of such praise. People tend to inflate their experiences online, giving five stars when a solid three may have been more called for. People are also reluctant to tarnish the reputation of a smaller business by giving a brutally honest review. So remember that hotels, even ones that have great reviews, are always a wild card.


  1. ellen beck

    I am actually afraid of the larger chains now. Bedbugs and horrible reviews abound. We dont travel much but we find a place that is clean, local and usually small. It might mean not being totally close to things but it is always close enough.

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