Vacation Stress Bringing You Down? Here’s How to Make Your Travels More Fun

Travelling can occasionally be a stressful time. Not only does it cost you a lot of money, there are also countless responsibilities to keep in mind if you’re travelling with friends and family. You also need to plan your trip in advance, and everyone knows how terribly wrong a plan can go if you don’t have a backup. Either way, we all understand that travelling can be stressful for many different reasons and it’s probably something you do not look forward to. However, with some planning, a bit of research and some preparation, you can squeeze a lot of fun out of your travels and even pay less while you’re at it.

Make a checklist of important things

Be it remembering to take your medication or visiting to get yourself a visa waiver to enter America, make sure you’ve got all of the important things covered. One of the most stressful parts of a holiday is all the important tasks that you might neglect as a result of your excitement. Basic things such as getting vaccinated, preparing a visa and renewing your passport are often forgotten, and this oversight could lead to delays or even a cancelled holiday. To remember this, make a checklist of important items, documents and luggage you need to carry before you leave on your holiday.

Give your vacation a reason

Make sure your holiday has a purpose to it. Even if it’s a holiday to reduce stress or to sample some delicious food from another country, make sure you give your holiday an aim. If you don’t, then you’re essentially going on holiday for the sake of it, and it can feel stressful because you’re subjecting yourself to long flight times and other types of stress for no reason. If you don’t have a reason to go on holiday, then stay at home, save money, and enjoy yourself another way. The most important thing about a holiday is to enjoy it, so if you can’t find a reason to travel, don’t force yourself.

Plan your trip abroad

Whatever you do, make sure you plan your trip properly. The last thing you want is to land in a new country and then have absolutely no idea what you want to do. You also don’t want to use tour guides because they can be incredibly expensive and a waste of time. Following whatever the tour guide says can be fun, but it severely limits your ability to explore and enjoy your holiday at your own pace. The best advice is to refuse tours, ignore tourist traps, turn down hawkers and instead, read some travel blogs. Take a look at for a selection of fantastic travel blogs if you need some inspiration, help or just tips to plan the perfect holiday this year.

As long as you’re smart about your holiday, you can save plenty of time and money while also reducing your stress. Just remember that if you don’t have a reason to go on holiday, you don’t need to force yourself—the money can be spent elsewhere. However, if you do plan to go overseas, make sure you prepare a plan and a checklist of important items.


  1. ellen beck

    dont think I have ever had vacation stress. About the only thing I check up on is how our animals are doing!

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