Volvo V40 First Drive Review

The Swedish carmaker Volvo has produced some of the best models for generations. Their brand became a household name many decades ago. However, they’re trailed behind somewhat in recent times when it has come to the latest technology and fuel efficiency. That is something the company hopes to change with their latest V40 models. We managed to get hold of one for a weekend and put it through its paces. Surprisingly, it seems like a fantastic innovation for the designers at Volvo. They are finally managing to compete with the likes of BMW and Mercedes, and that is why this model is set to become very popular this year.


The V40 compares to the Audi TT in many different ways. Indeed, experts predict it will become the model of choice for people in that market. Its curb weight is between 1,546 and 1,582 kg depending on which edition you select. The car can travel for around 51-83 mpg of fuel, and that means there’s no need to stop at every petrol garage along your route. It can also reach speeds of 0 to 60 mph in 10.5 seconds. So, while it’s not the fastest car on the market, it’s more than powerful enough for average use. We tested the basic model, but other additions improve on these specifications slightly. Anyone with interest just needs to speak to their local dealer.

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CleanZone in the Volvo V40

The V40 drives like a dream in both motorway and inner city settings. It’s comfortable and quiet, which should benefit most motorists. The suspension system ensures you won’t feel all those bumps and potholes quite as much as you would with inferior vehicles. As we have already discussed, the car can reach speeds of 60 mph in just over ten seconds. So, it’s quick off the mark and ideal for all types of driving. The model comes with driver, passenger, and rear airbags as standard. Slater Heelis regularly deal with personal injury claims, and they say Volvos are rarely involved. That is because the cars are safe and well-built. There is also a lot of space in this model for luggage and other items. That means it’s the perfect companion for family road trips and UK vacations.

Price and gadgets

The V40 hits the market at just over £19,000 for the basic model. That is much cheaper than many other vehicles in the same class. The design team worked hard to ensure they could keep prices down without compromising on quality. The car also comes with some cutting-edge gadgets all drivers will enjoy. For example, there is an improvement to the navigational system that makes getting from A to B easier than ever before. There is also an excellent infotainment system that will ensure drivers get the most valuable information at the right times.

So, do we recommend our readers go out and test drive this model for themselves? Yes, we do. Whatever your opinion about the Volvo brand, you’re going to love this new release. If you’re the type of person who would otherwise spend a fortune on an Audi A3, you should book a test drive today. It’s important to shop around, and the V40 could swing your decision. It’s certainly made an impression on us.


  1. ellen beck

    A friend just got one of these, and goodness gracious it is pretty! I like everything about the car and am so jealous!

  2. David M

    Wish I could afford one of these beauties! Really stylish and some nice features there; guess I’m waiting on that winning lottery ticket! 🙂

  3. Shawna

    I love this vehicle! Love how safe it is and that it has plenty of room for my family! Thank you for this great review!

  4. ellen beck

    Such a great looking car! I like how sleek it looks and your description of how it drives. I also like all that comes with it- so many modern things!

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