Weathering the Summer Drought

During a lot of the year, saving water is probably not your top priority. Sure you know that taking long showers and letting the water run while you do dishes is bad for the environment but beyond that you probably don’t take many active steps to save water. This is because during a lot of the year, in most of the country, we get rained or snowed on.

During the summer, though, when we go days or even months without a good rain shower (or any rain shower at all), water becomes a precious resource…which is really how it should be treated every day, don’t you think?

So what can you do? What can you do to preserve the water supply?

Your Lawn 

Lawns are bad for the environment but they look so pretty! If you choose to keep your lawn, find a lawn care service that offers a Water-Saver Program. These programs allow your landscapers to keep your lawn and yard looking great without requiring copious amounts of water to do so.

The Rain

Collecting rainwater is quickly becoming the new composting. Every day more people are setting up rain collection systems of their own. Collecting rainwater is as easy as leaving a bucket out in the yard during a rainstorm. That will only net you enough water to quench the thirst of a few plants. If you really want to collect rainwater, you can rig up a collection barrel. This allows you to collect the rain that gets funneled through your gutters instead of simply letting it spill into a lawn or drainage ditch.

Collected rainwater can be used for landscaping, for washing cars and outside windows, etc.

Grey Water 

Grey Water is slightly different than rainwater. Grey water is water that you collect from within your house and use outdoors. For instance, when you take showers put the stopper in the tub so that the tub fills up and then siphon the water out of the tub into a collection apparatus. Do this with your sink water and the water from your washing machine.  You can treat grey water to be healthy for many different uses (like watering your lawn in the summer when rain is scarce).

Home Repairs 

Switch to water efficient toilets, shower heads and faucets. Switch to front loading and water efficient washing machines. Yes, these repairs can be expensive but over time they save you hundreds of dollars on your water bill, save you thousands of gallons of water and you might even be able to write them off on your taxes.

These are some of the biggest and best ways to reduce your water usage during the summer months. The best thing about these methods is that once you get them set up, you can use them even during the rainy months.

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