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4 Common Traveling Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Trip

Whether it’s your first big trip as a family, or you travel at every opportunity you get, it’s unfortunately common for people to make mistakes on their trips, causing a lot of unnecessary hassle or even ruining the entire trip. If you’ve rushed through the planning in the past and made slip-ups that have taken the fun and excitement out of some of your travels, here are four of the most common mistakes to avoid…


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Most of us have a natural inclination to pack clothes for every possible occasion when we’re heading out on another adventure, especially if we’re particularly fashion-conscious. However, this leads to heavier luggage which is tougher to haul around, and if you accidentally exceed the weight limit, you could be slapped with an extra fee that eats into your budget for the trip. A good way to avoid this is packing your suitcase as per usual, and then taking out roughly half of the clothes you’d originally planned on. You probably won’t wear everything, but you won’t have to sacrifice your style, and there’s usually some way of doing laundry while you’re on the road.

Not Giving Yourself Enough Time Between Flights

A lot of us don’t travel all that often, so it figures we get pretty lucky with flights. However, airport traffic can often be unpredictable, and if your flight out gets delayed, you may have to sprint haphazardly through an airport you’ve never been to before to make your next flight. When you’re booking plane tickets, make sure you leave a safe buffer in between them. It’s also a good idea to research the specific airport ahead of time. Some, like London Heathrow, require a whopping two-hour layover, as you’ll have to get through security simply by getting from one flight to the next.

Not Checking Visa Requirements in Advance

Being denied entry at a foreign checkpoint can be time-consuming, expensive, extremely stressful, and could quite possibly end your trip there and then. Little details like the visa requirements you have to meet can often slip through the net, but they can have so much influence over your vacation that it’s essential for them to make your checklist. Sites like can walk you through the visa requirements you need to be aware of, and the process for getting your documents in order.

Forgetting To Source Local Currency

This is another pretty obvious step when you’re planning a trip abroad, and yet one that a lot of people manage to forget. Find out where you can get the best exchange rates, and source your local currency well in advance of leaving. As soon as you arrive at your destination, you may have to pay for taxis, public transport tickets, and other things. If you don’t exchange currency in advance, you could be forced to use an ATM there, or use the airport’s currency exchange, both of which tend to be very uneconomical. Every penny counts when you’re traveling, so don’t eat into your budget by forgetting about local currency!


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