4 Ways I Start and End the Day Off Right

5 Ways to get back your sense of (1)

5 Ways to get back your sense of (1)

So much has gotten put to the wayside for the last few months and I have found my energy levels just drained for lack of a better word and I found myself not being able to focus on anything and anyone around me…including my kids when they told me something great about their day I heard them but didn’t really hear them and that is NOT me.

I have found some ways to get myself back into the swing of things with work, blogging and my family that have helped me get past my doldrums. Here are 4 ways that I become and stay energized throughout the day.

1. Get Back Into Nature

I go for a walk in the morning, our new house is near some pretty awesome walking trails and while I cannot get to them everyday and I know once the kids go back to school this will change but finding a way to get away from the computer, away from TV and back into nature helps clear your mind to get your day going great!

2. Eating Healthy

There are some days where I will make the kids breakfast and then do nothing for me or I will grab something sweet and quick before I start work. This has come to end was able to find some really great (and healthy) morning foods to grab when I am on the go or I will stop and eat with the kids before they start their day at school. It definitely makes for some great family time which we do not seem to have much of.

3. Get a Good Night Sleep to have a Good Morning

I am never getting enough sleep mainly because I am never getting to bed on time even on the nights where I don’t have to work late. I am always finding something to do that could easily wait until morning. We have come to the point where we have a set our own bedtime where we have to get things done before that specific time so we get our full 7-8 hours of sleep.

4. Yoga for Body and Mind

Now it may sound crazy but I have found doing Yoga with the kids has been great! If I had a rough night sleeping or not feeling as alert and energized as I like doing Yoga yoga with the kids has been a blast. If anything laughter is the best pick me up to start off my morning!

How do you energize your day? Let me know in the comments below!

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