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7 Tips For Driving At Night – Stay Safe!

Driving at night time is a whole new ballgame compared to driving during the day. It is a daunting prospect for new and inexperienced drivers, especially as most driving lessons are taken during the day. Low light conditions affects our perceptions of the road and extra care and attention must be taken. You could consider taking an extra lesson with an experienced driving instructor who can give you the lowdown on considerations necessary for safe night time driving.


A little extra care and attention will allow for safe night time driving. The number of accidents do increase in poor light conditions sometimes warranting the assistance of an auto accident lawyer . You shouldn’t be afraid to drive at night though and the following tips will help increase confidence in night time driving.



Ensure you use your headlights at the correct times and that they are in good working order. Clean the headlights regularly and ensure snow is cleared before driving. Only use full beam when there is no oncoming traffic, to prevent affecting the vision of other road users. Dipped headlights should be used in most conditions. If in doubt regarding the level of darkness put them on.


When driving avoid staring at oncoming headlights, look to the left or right and ensure that you use the road markings to guide you.



Ensure you keep your windscreen is clear by ensuring the windscreen wash is topped up. Make sure your windscreen wipers are working effectively and that the blades are not corroded.


Lower your speed

It is much harder to predict the road conditions ahead of you at night, as you can only see up to a certain distance. Reaction times are slower so be sure to leave sufficient stopping distances between yourself and the vehicle ahead. Shadows from street lighting can distort the image of bends in the road, meaning that extra care needs to be taken.


Eye test

Whether you are driving at day or night it’s important that you can see clearly. Regular eye tests will ensure that your vision is good. Some people suffer with poor night vision, it’s important to take advice from your optician, there may be lens filters that could help.



Whilst driving at night time it is likely that you will experience tiredness or fatigue. Take regular breaks as tiredness can be a major cause of accidents. If you are travelling with another driver take turns at the wheel.



Keep distractions to a minimum by turning down the music and putting your phone away. If you have passengers ensure that they don’t distract you. If you have young children, this is easier said than done, you would be safer pulling over in order to calm down situations rather than trying to drive.


Drugs and alcohol

Never drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol and ensure you are under the limit the following day after a night out. Be aware that other road users may be under the influence and ensure safe stopping distances are adhered to.


Driving at night time is often unavoidable, but by following the above tips you should have a safe trip.    





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