Abandoned Places

Abandoned Art: Getting The Perfect Picture

If you love abandoned places, then it’s highly likely you like to document your visits to them as well, and what better way to do this than taking some snaps to show your friends, share on social media, or even display in your home? With this in mind here is a quick guide on how you can get the best and most artistic pictures of those rare and precious abandoned and wilderness spaces. Read on for more.


Before you start snapping away at an old landscape, you need to find somewhere that is worthy of your attention. You may be lucky and stumble across a gorgeous scene in the wilderness, or abandoned place of interest like this. Although, even if you don’t you can use online sources to give you suggestions of where to go and explore next.

Of course, one of the most important things is that you are aware of any legal and safety issue that explore such places will entail.  After all abandoned places are abandoned for a reason, and this reason is often one of safety.

So never enter anywhere that you are not sure is safe. Also,  remember that just because a site or building has been abandoned, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t someone legal property. So be respectful of keep out signs, and don’t move, alter, or take things from the site once you are there.


Everyone knows that light is important in photography and the location of the light source can make a big difference to how your photo comes out.

The problem is that when you are making art of abandoned or wilderness place, is that they often can not have much natural light. Especially if it’s an old enclosed building like an asylum or hospital. Combine this with a cloudy day and covered windows and you can have some real problems getting your shots to look as spectacular as they do to the naked eye.

However, it can help to use a large aperture to let in as much light as possible. As well as taking long range shots with the focal point in the distance, and allowing the foreground to be out of focus to get the best effect.


To help you with your abandoned places photography it can be super useful to look at work like that of Peter Lik and other artists famous for this sort of subject matter. Not to copy, of course, but to get some inspiration from.

You can learn so much from these including composition, light, style and what makes a good subject in the first place. You can even get copies of their work to display in your home if you don’t feel your own work is quite up to being scrutinized every day.


Although, if you do end up disliking the result of your artist efforts when taking pictures of abandoned places, you can always use some post production techniques to get a more pleasing end result.

There are lots of different software out there on the market that allow you to manipulate the color, crop, layer, and change other visual aspects of the digital pictures once they have been taken.

The most popular of which is probably Adobe Photoshop. However, as this is the industry standard for a lot of creative fields, it’s also pretty pricey. Making alternatives that are free and still give access to multiple tools, and effects like GIMP a better option for the hobbyist.

Displaying your work  

Lastly, if you do come up with some pieces of abandoned places art that you like and want to display on your own wall at home, you have several options.

The first is a simple print of your pictures allowing you to frame them yourself. The advantage of this is that you can choose the size of the print to fit the space you have, what suits the picture best, and even your budget. Making it easy to customize them to your needs.

Alternatively, you can go for a print of your image onto a stretched canvas. Giving it a more professional finish that will make your art a focal point in the room you choose to display it in.

Yes, these can be a bit more expensive than traditional photo prints but are well worth the investment to show off you abandoned places art to its best potential. It’s also worth bearing in mind that you can get a major discount if you look online for this sort of service. As printers are always trying to entice new customers with offers and vouchers codes. Meaning you can create, and show your artwork of abandoned and wildness places without it costing a ridiculous amount.



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