Hello and welcome! Celeste here and I am the ‘keeper of the blog’ (cue heroic Marvel movie type music) Roadside Travels!

If you have been a longtime reader, you would remember me as Organic Mommy Today. I have been a blog owner since 2011 and made the change to Roadside Travels because I wanted to capture and share our travels with you!

I Don’t Wear Just One Hat!

You will see our travels, but I am a huge fan of variety, so you will find other topics covered as well, such as gaming, tech, food, and family-friendly products.

No Worries I Do Have ‘Off’ Time

In my downtime, I am an amateur¬†urban explorer, hopeful photographer, Netflix binge-watcher and Email Marketing Specialist (<— that is my day job). Okay so maybe classifying this as ‘off’ time may not be the best word. I’m a Virgo, so I am always ready to get something done.

Don’t be shy! I WANT to hear from you.

If you see a post that speaks to you, please please please leave a comment I enjoy the feedback and learning about your experiences. If you are a company, event planner or brand and you see a post and think “wow I have to work with this blogger and her team!” (or any variation really, I am just happy that you took notice), then definitely feel free to reach out so we can work together!

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Jr. Foodie and Unpaid Intern (2)
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