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How to Achieve Stress-Free Group Business Travel

If you are traveling for an event or traveling with a group of people, then you are going to have more than just yourself to look after. Looking after groups of individuals traveling certainly has its challenges, but there are a couple of staple things that you can do to reduce the stress involved.

Group Leader

You will need to appoint a group leader for any group business trip. The person that makes sure that the flights, hotels and all hire companies are booked and organized in advance. The team leader will also need to make sure that they have all the details of every section of the trip so that they know where everyone needs to be and when.

This is not just a planning role, this person will also be the main liaison, is not just a planning role this person will also be the main liaison, the first point of contact and the person in control of all the paperwork involved in the trip. That also includes anything like necessary vaccinations, travel documents and even details such as educating about any cultural differences that the group needs to be aware of.


Group Business Travel

Firstly you will want to organize transportation to get your group to and from the airport and to and from the accommodation to any events you may be attending. The best way to for airport transfers is to hire a private airport transfer company, and for events and parties, you can look into hiring a 5 Star Party bus rental to start and end the evening in a relaxed, yet fun way. Navigating large groups of people is tricky enough without having to navigate public transport in weird and wonderful, unknown cities, so private transport hire is a must.


Online Communication

Also think about setting up an online group during, something as simple as Whatsapp is fine, for the trip so that everyone has a place where they can communicate and where they can access all the necessary information such as hotel address, flight times and any useful information about the city they are in.

Here you will be able to message people to remind them of where they need to be and when. You will be able to send useful information about any events, trade shows or conferences that you are attending and you will be able to make sure that you are always available for any questions through this communication platform.

The group leader will also want to set up an online organization tool where all the members of the group will be able to access all the travel plans and documents. A great app for doing this is ‘Tripit,’ which will allow you to put down all your travel plans into one place, where the group leader will be able to share the group itinerary. It will be the travel ‘Bible’ where everyone will have access to all the important locations, times and details of every day of the journey. These kinds of apps are ideal for avoiding lengthy and complicated email threads and print outs and offers one digital area where everyone can access all the information they need to ensure everyone is organized and stress-free at all times.


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