Another Monster Jam in the Can! #MonsterJam #MyMonsterJam #Tampa

After a long weekend the monsters are resting, some a little worse for the ware, but they put on a great show. We had the chance to watch the trucks of Monster Jam Saturday the 17th. The Heavy Hitters came out to play and I have to say, My favorite was Max D this year. He really brought the Pain. I have a video to show, sorry its a little shaky, I need to find a way to stabilize my Note 3 a little better for videos like this, but It is still a great show. The vid looks great on small screen format.


Besides the Max D, a few other great shows were preformed by Hooked and my Daughters favorite Monster Mutt. I think her favorite part about the Monster Mutt, besides he is a huge dog, was the Tongue panting as he was waiting for his run in the races where he did end up with his wheels spinning in the air. First flip of the night, but he flipped back over and made a comeback in the freestyle. Check out the video below to see Monster Mutt in action. Again, sorry about the shaking, I really have to do something about finding a way to stable out the shooting.



The fist show for Tampa may be over, but that does not mean its the end. You can still see the second show February 7th. For tickets and information visit Ticket Master HERE! or TAMPATICKETS.COM HERE! For more information on Monster Jam, check out Monster Jams officel webpage HERE!


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