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The Aurora Borealis: The Best Light Show On Earth

Forget about a Muse concert or New Year’s Eve fireworks – they don’t compare to the Aurora. Also known as the Northern Lights, the Arctic Circle is home to the greatest show on earth. Yep, that includes the Superbowl too people! But, don’t listen to hearsay and rumors. Here are the five reasons Aurora Borealis hunters give to track down the solar flares in the night sky.


The Weather Is Milder


Anyone who is worried about the freezing temperatures shouldn’t fear. Not to trivialize global warming, but the mercury in spring is rising. So, months such as March and early April (if you are lucky) are the times when frostbite is less likely to hit. Don’t take this to mean the sun beats down and you’ll be able to wander around in shorts. The weather is ice cold, just not as bad as November or December.


It’s A Journey

Not to get all “I’ve been to India traveling” on you, but seeing the lights isn’t a bad thing. Okay, so it costs a lot of money, but the cash won’t get wasted when you factor in the experience. Trekking to see the lights is part and parcel of the fun. And, doing it in extreme conditions with a group of people you don’t know only adds to the experience.

You Can Watch From Bed

You know all that stuff about trekking into the wilderness on a dog sled? Yeah, well it wasn’t entirely accurate. Any budding Ranulph Fiennes’ can grab a team of huskies and set off in search of the Borealis. However, the people who prefer the comfort of a warm bed can stay in a glass igloo hotel. Okay, so the term “igloo” doesn’t sound warm, but these glass hotels are different. Rather than snow and ice, they use insulated glass to give off the same effect. With a 360 degrees view, it’s impossible to miss the action, unless you fall asleep!

Big Cities On Your Doorstep

When people say “I’ve been to the Arctic Circle,” the North Pole springs to mind. Sadly, or not so depending on how you look at it, the North Pole isn’t the same thing. The Circle encompasses an area which is in the Arctic. It’s that simple. And, because Scandinavian countries are in the Circle, you won’t be far from civilization. The Northern Lights are even visible from Reykjavik, which is  Iceland’s capital. There is more to do than trek and look at the night sky.

It’s Once In A Lifetime

Sure, you can go back again and again, but there are no guarantees. If you are lucky enough to see the Aurora, you are in the minority. Lots of people trek and don’t see a thing, unfortunately. Plus, there is the money element. A tour into the Arctic wilderness isn’t cheap. Finally, global warming is threatening to ruin the greatest show on the planet. In a decade’s time, the Aurora Borealis may not be visible from earth.


If it isn’t already, the Borealis needs adding to your bucket list ASAP.


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