Bay State Bliss: Some Remarkable Places to Visit in Massachusetts

 If you were to ask someone to name a US state, how many guesses do you think they would need before they go to Massachusetts?

Sadly – especially when it comes to travel – Massachusetts is usually going to be pretty far down the list. On the surface, it’s not hard to see why either. There are the bright lights and sounds of Nevada; the cosmopolitan delights of New York; the balmy Florida weather or the old-time charm of Texas. With all that going on, a lot of states fall down the list for potential holiday traps.

That’s a shame because Massachusetts3 is a holidaymaker’s dream. There’s something here for everyone, so why not see what the so-called spirit of America has to offer you?


Cape Cod

If you want sunsets to die for, glorious beaches, and the best seafood you’ve ever tasted in your life, then Cape Cod is the place to be. While the weather might not always be as roasting hot as some of the southern states can offer, the refreshing Atlantic breeze can reinvigorate you like nowhere else.

Don’t Miss: The Nobska Point Lighthouse dates from the 19th century and offers panoramic views of the ocean along with a great dose of local history.



It’s impossible to mention Massachusetts4 without a nod to the state capital. Situated in the eponymous bay, this is a thriving metropolitan city that has plenty to offer its visitors. In Boston, you can touch on the history of the USA by visiting the site of the infamous Tea Party, or head for the acclaimed Museum of Science to get your geek on.

Don’t Miss: The USS Constitution Museum Boat dates from George Washington’s days, and now features a glimpse into the past that most museums can only dream of.



It wouldn’t seem right to write about Massachusetts5 without a nod to its most infamous history; the Salem Witch Trials. The trials ran from 1692 through to 1693 and claimed the lives of twenty people in total. Now believed to be a product of mass hysteria, the trials signify a chapter of American history that is always worth touching base with. Salem today is a charming place to visit with plenty to offer to visiting tourists.

Don’t Miss: The memorial to the Witch Trials is well worth a visit, especially if you continue onwards to explore the surrounding woodland on a pleasant afternoon’s walk.


Water Wizz, East Wareham

Finally, if all that dark history makes you crave something to lighten the mood, then take a road trip to the Water Wizz waterpark. The largest of its kind in Southern Massachusetts6, the park offers a variety of rides that are fun for the young and the young and heart. Do bear in mind that the park opening is subject to the weather, so book your trip for a day when the forecast looks favorable!

Don’t Miss: The Pirate’s Plunge, which is effectively like a log ride only without the log. Definitely not one for the faint-hearted!


  1. ellen beck

    I have never been this far to the Northeast. This is one state I would really like to see. I like the history of it. I would also like to see the ocean!

  2. Dana Rodriguez

    I would love to visit this part of the country. I know I would really enjoy the seafood and the beaches!

  3. Betsy Barnes

    I have only been to Boston, however, always wanted to visit towns along Massachusetts coast. They scenery looks gorgeous!

  4. Rebecca M-Y

    The Boston Museum of Science is great! When I was a kid, family reunions were held in Massachusetts, and my parents would always take me to the Museum of Science while we were in the area. So many fond memories.

  5. Sharon

    I’ve visited a few times and really enjoyed that part of the country. As a cajun gal, there was a bit of culture shock.

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