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Best Florida Waterfalls

Usually when you mention Florida the usual descriptions come to mind, theme parks and beaches. What many do not realize is that there is so much more to Florida that is not always what is advertised outside of the state.

Apart from the big metro areas like Orlando, Tampa, and Miami, Florida is sprinkled with quaint small towns like Sanford, FL. Where you can find history around every corner with its amazing family-owned restaurants, historical districts, and nightlife.

Best Waterfalls in Florida

Florida is known for its stunningly beautiful white sand beaches, but did you know we also have some awesome waterfalls? If you’re used to Oregon’s waterfalls, you may be a bit disappointed to find Florida’s waterfalls aren’t as tall or vast, in most cases – but they’re still breathtaking.

Waterfalls in Florida are created by sinkholes, so the tallest one is 73-foot-tall, which is quite impressive for such a flat state! There’s a nearby lake and swimming area, which the kids will love.

Rainbow Falls

The closest waterfalls to Tampa (about a 90-minute drive), Rainbow Falls offers swimming, hiking, and tubing. These man-made waterfalls accompany the lush 72-degree-year-round springs, which are rich in history. Some people believe these springs have healing powers. I figure it’s worth a visit! 😉

I also am a little bias as this is where my husband and I had our wedding reception on the 4th of July <3

Devil’s Millhopper

If the name alone doesn’t get you intrigued, the description will. Devil’s Millhopper is located in Gainesville and has a staircase into a sinkhole! They say the devil is in the details, and this hike is one you won’t want to miss.

Copyright. Florida state parks

It’s less than a 2-mile round trip hike to see Devil’s Millhopper. Pets are welcome on the trail but not on the staircase. Watch out for poison ivy and be sure to bring mosquito repellant.

Falling Waters Falls

With such a unique name (ha!) of course, we had to save the best for last. Falling Waters is the waterfall mentioned above that is 73-foot-tall. While the water’s final destination remains unknown, what we do know is that the waterfall is situated in Falling Waters Sink, which is a 100-foot deep and 20-foot wide pit. Butterfly watching, swimming in the lake, and camping overnight in their full-facility campsite will ensure your trip is memorable.


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