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Blue Man Group Universal Studios Orlando

One of the items on my bucket list was to see a Blue Man Group show live. I remember watching a live show on HBO when I was in middle school and remember how amazing they were. So when I got the chance to see their latest show at Universal Studios Orlando.
The feeling of the show was very fast, upbeat and amazingly fun! I was kind of glad that I decided not to bring my 3 and 5 year old. While I did see some kids there (they were not as young as mine, had to be around 10 and up) it is not that the show was not family friendly and it is I am sure my kids would have loved the music and the really cool colors and lights. It was too loud in my opinion.

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If you have never been to a Blue Man Group show there is no speaking, it is just 3 guys covered head to toe in blue paint. I think that is what i found the most exciting about the show. They perfected the phrase “Actions speak louder than words”. I loved their interaction with the crowd, there were many times they came out into the audience and even had someone from the audience come up on stage.

Watching them create artwork from paintballs that caught in their mouth was something I had never seen done before and is not to be missed.

Yes this is one show you cannot afford to miss it is something that will stay with you and will make it entirely worth while to go.

The sounds and the music made it hard to stay still in your seat, it was not until the finale portion of the show that encouraged you to get up and start moving.

Travel Tips:

The show is over an hour long with no intermission so be sure to stop and grab a bite to eat prior to the show starting. Do not forget to bring your camera, while you are not able to take photos during the show you can take photos during the finale.

If you are in Orlando, FL you will find the Blue Man Group theater near the Universal Studios entrance in the City Walk area

Ticket Prices:

Adult tickets: $69 and up
Child ticket: $29
Parking: $15 (the price goes down to $5 for parking after 6pm EST so if you go to a BMG show go to the later show at 9PM if you want to save on parking).

The show was simply amazing and is something I will have to make my way back to go see very soon.

Disclaimer: I was provided complimentary tickets to review the show. All opinions above are 100% my own.

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