Bringing a Hologram to life with Holovision

In a world of 3 dimensions, we longing for depth.  In so many Science Fiction movies, we see people who communicate using a 3 dimensional viewing apparatus.  For starters, check out Star Wars,  “Help me Obi-Wan Kanobi, Your my only hope”, one of the biggest lines in television was given through a Hologram Image, not bad right?

We have been searching for a way to create this Hologram technology for years.  Figure that the image of Princess Leia has been taunting poor Obi-Wan since 1977.  We have seen even more enhancements to the idea in concepts such as Star Trek’s holo-deck, a room that would bring to life any dream you could pull out of your head.  One big question I have however for the holow-deck, is the food eaten in the world you visit real? Things that make you go Hmmmm.  Imagine creating food from pure energy and light.

In today’s technology, we have some images with 3D feel.  I have in my home what is called a 3D TV.  I have to were a set of glasses to see the image displayed in 3D.  The glasses correct the image displayed on the television so it appears to my minds eye, to be a real 3 dimensional object.  Well it gives it a good go at it any-way.

My favorite hologram however is the little man that jumps outta the skull at Ripley’s believe it or not museum in NYC.  Using glass and reflective projections from different angles, Ripley’s give a real impression of a little fellow popping out of the skull and talking to you before disappearing back in the skull.  They also have a Leprechaun that gives a little show before falling into his black bucket for his coins in Florida.


The question is, will there ever be a real hologram.  Holovision is trying to offer us the next step in entertainment by giving us a true 3 Dimensional display.  They plan on doing this without glasses or headgear.  They have several ways that they are working on trying to get a hologram to work and bring it to our homes.

Imagine a human sized, floating hologram projected from a 3D display.The hologram requires no special glasses, no virtual reality goggles, and literally hovers in air standing next to you!

This Technology is being developed by Provision 3D Media:


Provision Interactive Technologies, Inc.

Provision Interactive Technologies, Inc. (“Provision”) develops 3D interactive display technologies for a wide array of market channels.

The futuristic nature of Provision has created several early commercial applications. The Company’s initial line of display systems has proven to be ideally suited for indoor and outdoor point-of-sale, merchandising and point of sale related advertising venues. Provision is currently the market leader in true 3D consumer advertising display products being implemented by leading consumer focused Fortune 1000 companies.

Our interactive display technologies deliver images that engage and inform customers at point of sale and in-store advertising locations in a dramatic and persuasive manner, thereby influencing customers in their purchase-making decisions.

I know I would love to have a real hologram display in my home.  That would make Halloween so much more fun.  If you would like some more information on the Holovision, click below and check them out on kickstarter.<href=””>> Their goal is $950,000 and they are currently at almost $5,500.  This is a new launch still with 30 days to go.  If you think this is a good and would like to help, visit their page and help with a pledge.


It would seem that this product is being reviewed for copyright infringement.  I am currently trying to find what is exactly being questioned, but so far all I can find is problems with the video on the opening page.  If I can find any more information on the ProVision 3d Media component I will post it here.  Thanks

Description of infringing material: To whom it may concern, This project has been using several of Hollywood Pictures copyrighted material in the video located on the front page of this scam Kickstarter site. They are violating criminal code title 17 and 22 of the U.S. copyright infringement.

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