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BRIO Tuscan Grille | A Tale of Two Risottos

If you are ready for an amazing meal then BrioTuscan Grille at located at the The Mall At Millenia is definitely the place to go! 

It was a rare occasion that my husband and I have to go out to eat without the kiddos and we were so excited to visit Brio and check out their new menu promotion A Tale of Two Risottos. I have never had risotto before so I was not sure what we were about to be in for.

The Starters

Lobster Bisque Soup and Sourdough Bread and Flaxseed Crackers

My husband and I spotted this first thing when we were handed the menu and it was amazing! All I have to say is sautéed shrimp garnish! Flax seed crackers to dip in it, it was almost like a meal all its own.

Chef Kirk Recommended Appitizers

One of the starters he recommended we try was the Roasted garlic, Spinach & Artichoke Dip and the Calamari Fritto Misto served with aiolli and pomodoro sauce. It was so hard to keep a straight face when he mentioned this, I am obsessed with spinach and artichoke dips and the parmesan flatbread crackers it came with just took it up a notch. It had been a while since I had calamari and the last time I had it, it was raw so this was definitely the better way to go. 

We so happy to have the chance to speak with Chef Kirk Wright. He was so much fun to talk to, you could really see his passion for being a chef. It was awesome he hear about his story and about the new promotional menu at Brio. His time as the head chef at the Harley Davidson Museum before bringing his culinary talents to Brio.

The Main Course

It was time to roll up our sleeves when we saw the main course coming and while we were ready, nothing prepared us for what was to come.

Cold Water Lobster Tail with Shrimp Risotto

Charbroiled Maine lobster tail over risotto with shrimp, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, asparagus, basil and Parmesan.

Sea Scallops & Ratatouille Risotto

(5) large seared sea scallops and is served over roasted vegetables like eggplant, red peppers, zucchini, tomato compote, basil and Reggiano

Now I had to admit to the chef that I have never really been a fan of scallops but paired with the Ratatouille Risotto it was a definite game changer. Granted, my only experience with Ratatouille was good old Remy 

Chef Kirk told us that when his hair was a little longer, he did kind of resemble Chef Alfredo Linguini, lol, and he kinda did. He did disagree with the movies motto that anyone can cook and, as someone who is not the best cook, I can definitely agree.


So at this point my husband and I are already discussing how we where going to be rolling out, lol we were so far beyond impressed with the what we had tried so far, then they mentioned dessert…

The delicious end to an amazing meal!

We got to try 3….yes that is right 3 different desserts. The Torta di Cioccolata (chocolate cake), Creme Brulee and Chocolate bread pudding. Words cannot describe how amazing these were…they were…well take a look:

Overall it was an awesome experience that we rolled away happy from. They also have an awesome thing that they do for the kids, aside from what is offered on the kids menu they allow kids to make their own pizza. They give them the dough, and they can shape it into any shape they want and they will cook for them with toppings of their choice.  

Learn more information at www.brioitalian.com or their Facebook page. The promotion runs from Jan. 19March 27, for only $19.95 Each. If you are looking for a last minute Valentine’s day date night? Then this is the place to go.


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