Cars And Entertainment: Practicality And Enjoyment In One? Not Quite!


Petrol heads want speed, power, and an engine which roars like a lion. And, you know, if you can throw handling and fuel-efficiency in with that, salesperson, it’s all the better! If we are truthful, car-enthusiasts also love the idea of pimping out a ride. Back in the early 2000s, Xzibit got our imaginations running wild and there haven’t stopped since. Just imagine a vehicle with a David Guetta-accredited sound system and a home cinema. What a thrill!

Unfortunately, cars and entertainment don’t always mix because there are obstacles which need hurdling. Here is a selection of things to consider before pressing the hydraulics button and cruising down the street in your six-four.

Cost And Hassle

Do you know how much it costs to pimp a ride with the latest gadgets and gizmos? The figures aren’t in yet, but the industry standard sets it at a couple of thousands of dollars. Depending on how far you’re willing to go, Hypebeast reckons the total could end up in the tens of thousands. Now, not to put words in your mouth, but this is far too much money for the average car-lover! And, it’s not just the cost because there are time and energy factors to consider also. You can do it cheaper, yet just make sure it doesn’t seem tacky.

Road Shows

One reason you see pimped out monstrosities taking up space on the roads is ego. The owners want to show off, and they want to do it in front of as many people as possible. Therefore, they head to official and unofficial events to advertise their efforts. Are you looking to do the same? If the answer is no, neon lights and a double exhaust is pointless. Think about the practical side of things, such as screens in the head seats for the kids on long journeys. It’s a young man’s and woman’s game, people.

Safety And Security

While the family is enjoying the latest movie on the highway, you still have to drive.

Car accident lawyers at Christensen Law take on lawsuits every day relating to a lack of concentration. No one wants to put their family’s health in jeopardy, which is why you have to be safety conscious. For instance, there shouldn’t be a TV screen in the front of the car. If there is, you’ll sneak glances and take your eyes off the road. Also, get everyone to listen to the program through their head/earphones to avoid distractions.

Gas Money

Extra reliance on the car’s electricity system will result in a worse fuel-efficiency. The price of gas is increasing, and families can’t afford the extra cost anymore. Consider this when installing an entertainment system. Watching TV is a great way to keep the kids quiet but there should be a middle ground. To appease them and save fuel, think about setting a time limit or banning the screens on short journeys. After all, they can manage for half an hour!

How do you feel about cars and entertainment? Are you for or against?

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