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Streamsong Golf Resort and Spa | Peace and Relaxation Away From It All

“Are we still in Florida?”

This was the first thing I told Chris after we finally reached the end of the long stretch of road to the beautiful Streamson Resort and Spa.


Tucked away in Bowling Green, FL is a not-so-small slice of paradise. When I was first asked to visit the resort as part of their Florida Women’s Blogger event I had to hit Google Maps because the photos that I saw on the website my first thought was, “yeah no way is this in Florida”…

The resort is a well-known award-winning golf destination. Now my golf knowledge does not go far from my trip with the crew to our safari putt-putt golf course it does not take an avid golfer to truly see the draw to Streamsong.

The rural location of the resort truly gives you that “away from it all” feel. A single rustic metal sign in the sand indicated our arrival at the resort.

I do have to say that while beautiful, this modern structure created by Alfonso Architects a little out of place among the still active mines that surround the 16,000 acre property.

The Room and Resort

From the literary favorites (Moby Dick, The Catcher in the Rye, etc.) were made available in our in-suite library. The view of the entire man-mad lake was amazing! From the in-suite sitting area, office space to the bathroom with a glass shower, the room was so big, warm and inviting.

So this is my weekend with my hubby at Streamsong Resort and Spa #thisisstreamsong

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If you are looking for additional activities aside from golf then you can walk the nature trails, shoot archery (which is brand new), clay shooting, bass fishing (catch and release), relax by the infinity pool or make a trip to the european style grotto spa.

The AcquaPietra spa is truly a site to behold and pictures could not do it justice.

AcquaPietra features eight indoor treatment rooms and six unique pool experiences, as well as a hair and nail salon. From an extensive selection of services and products, our talented staff of professionals will deliver expert service with unsurpassed attention to detail to relax and revitalize your mind, body, and spirit.

Since we were offered a choice, Chris and I opted for archery it seemed something we would both truly enjoy. Archery lasted about 45 minutes or so and it was the MOST fun I have had in a long time. The last time I did archery was as a girl scout and while I did not always make the bullseye, I definitely feel like I was able to hold my own.

Dining Options

Lunch at P2o5 was amazing! One thing I did notice was no kids menu (my thoughts on that will come later). They had so many amazing things on the menu that I wanted to order it all! For lunch I had:






I was feeling under the weather so I was happy to get a nice hot cup of Jasmine Green Tea. The setup they sent over was adorable! I made to grab a few jars of delicious honey to take back to my room with me.

Cute right! Cute right!

Additional delicious eats we were able to enjoy:









Dessert is served!

This beautiful selection of treats left me wanting more! My favorite is the one in the middle: Strawberry and peach Tres Leche.

The Clubhouse

A short drive from the main building is the Clubhouse and the start of your golfing adventure! The two courses Streamsong Red and Blue have both been featured in Golf Magazines top 100 courses (#47 in 2015) in the United States. There are 12 rooms for guests to enjoy and restaurant Fifty-Nine. Where hubby and I had breakfast and had an amazing view of the golf course.

Breakfast is served! #thisisstreamsong

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Thoughts and Tips

Streamsong is truly a place out of time! Its sleek, sophisticated and relaxing atmosphere would be perfect for a girls weekend, honeymoon, wedding or like my husband and I our belated 10th anniversary getaway.

View from the Streamsong Red Course View from the Streamsong Red Course

When it comes to the little ones definitely secure a good babysitter for your time away I maybe saw 2 kids (a tiny baby and an 8 year old) during my stay here. not to say that kids cannot come but its definitely a resort more geared for adults.

Overall the experience is definitely one I will remember and I hope to go back and see the beauty of the new Streamsong Black course that they are in the process of building. They are also looking to add some additional experiences aside from golf. I cannot say what may or may not be in the works but I can tell you that it will be just as amazing as the rest of the resort already is.


Visit the Streamson Resort website for more information and updates!

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