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Oh! The Places You’ll Go! Giveaway Hop | Urban Exploring with Kids

I have been asked quite a few times if we take the kids with us when we go to the places we find and it depends in a few things but a majority of the times yes we do. Now if it is somewhere we can openly walk around and nothing for them to get into to much then yes as a way to get them interested in exploring and taking out the fear of getting hurt factor then its a go. Aside from being fun, the educational side to it cannot be beat. I mean come on we got to see a space shuttle external fuel tank!
Abandoned Places

Abandoned Art: Getting The Perfect Picture

If you love abandoned places, then it’s highly likely you like to document your visits to them as well, and what better way to do this than taking some snaps to show your friends, share on social media, or even display in your home? With this in mind here is…
Abandoned Places

Artist Shows Life After Disney That is Haunting and Amazing

This is something I have always wondered with places like Disney World and Universal Studios what would they look like abandoned. Through the power of Social media this was in my Facebook feed. The DeviantArt artist that goes by eledoremassis02 shows how abandoned Disney would look and it is creepy and beautiful.
Abandoned Places

My Top Abandoned Places of 2015

Whoa! 2016…where in the world did 2015 go? and where are the flying cars? Fine I guess I will just settle with my regular old car lol. So 2015 was an awesome year I finally was able to find the time to visit the areas around where I live and some a bit further out (like a 2 hour or so drive away).  Here are my top photos of abandoned places one girl and her cell phone lol.