From Amateur To Amazing: Top Tips For Budding Photographers

Do you love taking photos? Are you a keen traveler or are you always snapping away on days out? Photographs enable us to capture magical moments, and they can also offer a hundred different perspectives on the same view. If you’re like me, a passionate amateur, you may be wondering how to take your snaps [...]


Tiny Home: Big Living in Tiny Packages #tinyhouse

Ah 2015 the year of the move for the Whitehead family…fingers crossed. In our search looking for a home and a builder I have seen a huge influx of posts and conversation about tiny home living. People (single people, couples and families alike) building these amazing looking homes in small packages and I can only suspect smaller financial burdens. Here are some pretty awesome Tiny Homes that I have found:

Dreadnaught Darling

© Scott Haydon

 The Linden ©Tumbleweed Houses

You can actually see a virtual tour of this home here:


If I knew how to swim this would be amazing! (yea I know…what?!? You don’t know how to swim?)

Click the image to view more images of the Floating Cabin in Maine


This beauty is made by a company called WheelHaus. You can even go on their website and create your own custom home.


I know some may look at the price and think No Way! (raises hand) Looking at the chic interior I can definitely see the appeal.

© WheelHaus

The tiny home movement has even sparked a show on HGTV (of course). The show Tiny House, Big Living and Tiny House Hunters (really?). If you have your own tiny home, first email me and send pictures I would love to show them off to my readers. Alternatively, looks like HGTV may also be looking for people to cast in one of their shows. You can fill out the form here:

So I want to know your thoughts? Could you do tiny home living?


Turning The Page – A Look Back #ReadyFor2015

I first want to start this post off with an apology. I have not been entirely on top of my game but it has been one of those things. We have been busting our butts this year to get where we need to be as a family and trying (sometimes) successfully to grow as a family and make 2015 the best year ever.
On a happy note, we finally purchased the land to build our new home!



I know now it does not look like much but we are so happy to finally be at this point in our lives! We have hit a HUGE number of rough patches but all the hard work and saving was worth this and I cannot wait to finally break ground and  start building our dream home for Chris, the kids and our fur babies and myself of course. I will try to chronicle the process once it starts. It may not be in the form of a post but stay tuned on my social media outlets for pictures of the process once it all starts.

The sad news…I lost my papa this year…

It’s weird when someone passes and all you have left are the memories of them. Knowing you will only hear their voice in your head. Some of those memories came flooding back in abundance when I got the news that he had passed away.

I am Celeste Gineen proudly named by my grandfather…Celeste for an actress from back in the day that he thought the name was beautiful and unique…and Gineen because he wanted to merge his name George into my name somehow lol.

He was the man who instilled in me a love of reading and research. Everytime I asked him how to spell a word I would watch as he would calmly get up and walk over to the bookshelf, grab the big red Webster dictionary and place it in my hands, say “Look it up” and walk away. I was never mad or upset about it a little disappointed because at that age I just wanted the easy answer so I could get done with my homework and go play but my papa was NEVER one for the easy way out.

Spaghetti Saturdays and Crossword Puzzles

My grandmother always did the cooking (they were old school but in a good way), except for Saturdays. My grandfather always made spaghetti on Saturdays. I suspect it was the only meal he knew how to cook but I knew he would never admit it lol.

Seeing him in his recliner with a pile of weeks (and sometimes months) old newspapers he would keep just so he could complete the crossword puzzles in them…which he always did in pen.

Our Special Time

My grandfather was never an overly affectionate man he was the type of man who rarely told a joke but when he did it was REALLY funny!

I remember one night my mom, sister and nana were in the back room laughing and carrying on and my grandfather would quietly get up from his chair and call me over to follow him to the living room. He would turn on the little light next to the couch and turn on TCM.

Remembering our cuddle time watching old movies all night come to my mind and brings tears to my eyes but not sad tears. Happy tears for the that special time we had together. Listening to him tell me about the different actors and actresses on the silver screen. One of his favorite movies was Meet Me In St. Louie.  I loved hearing him hum along to The Trolley Song.

I know that he will live on in my heart, the sound of his voice the smell of his cologne, lol even how he never let me forget to always seek knowledge and never stop the pursuit of learning. To always pick up a book (and yes even read the encyclopedia for fun) instead of a remote…something I think many kids these days need to do. My kids love reading and I am very thankful for that.

He is with his soul mate now and they will be sitting in their recliners next to each other as always, my nana in her chair knitting and my grandfather with his crossword puzzles completed in ink without a mistake.

I will always love them and as my family moves on into the new year I will take the lessons they instilled in me as a little girl and pass it on to my kids.

This is for you Papa. I love you!

*The featured image is in honor of my grandfather, who instilled in me a love of reading*


Celebrate National Self-Improvement Month with Lifelock #LifeLockHealthyCredit

Having been a victim of identiy theft I can understand firsthand the feeling of vulnerability. Thankfully it was not so extensive that accounts could not be changed and everything put back the way they were. I was so glad to discover lifelock and I feel  better knowing that my information is being kept safe. Thanks to Lifelock I no longer have to worry about my identity.

About National Improvement Month:

September is national self-improvement month which is perfect timing for focusing on the areas of life that need some adjusting. With kids back in school, it’s easier to create schedules and build time into your day to reach personal goals. We are looking for each influencer to engage their readers with ways to improve mental health, reduce stress and to check the health of their credit.

LifeLock can help. The new LifeLock Ultimate Plus program offers several new activity alerts that add peace of mind against identity fraud in a digitally connected world.

· When you open your mailbox, do you feel overwhelmed with the amount of junk mail and credit card offers? LifeLock protection reduces the amount of pre-approved credit card offers you receive.

· Listen to the news lately and hear about a data breach? Wonder if you shopped at that store during that time period? LifeLock provides notifications of these breaches.

· Don’t have the time to constantly monitor your bank or credit accounts for unauthorized purchases? LifeLock is always working for you – protecting your information and notifying you of activity.

· Does someone in your family use your home computer for music file sharing or downloading videos? You could have an open hole to your computer that allows identity thieves to see everything on your hard drive (tax files,banking/investment documents, passwords, etc). LifeLock notifies and protects you against file sharing network searches.

During Self-Improvement Month visit the Lifelock Site and get 10% off using promo code “LifeLockSafety

I have always found the Lifelock website easy to navigate and I love that I get 3 layers of protection.

What is your biggest fear about having your identity stolen?


Disclosure: This is sponsored post by Lifelock. All Opinons are 100% my own.

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