How To Get Your Own Garage Up And Running

If you love road trips, chances are you love cars. After all, you’re spending hours and hours in a vehicle every time you travel. You might also spend a lot of time preparing your vehicle or even modifying it for the journey. Perhaps you have a campervan or RV that…

Surviving the Holiday Shopping Season

The holiday shopping season is always an expensive time between buying presents to food for holiday meals and still having to make sure the bills get paid on time to avoid late fees. Getting gifts for family and friends and trying to maintain a budget is not easy by any…

Canvas People | Capturing Your Memories in a Fun Way

I have been on a decorating spree at home. Granted we have not found our forever home yet but it never hurts to go on a test run with what we have right?! I love being able to capture family moments on camera, my only problem is find fun ways of displaying them!

Essential Tips in Buying Furniture for Small Spaces

Not many people can afford large homes and often furnishing a room means that we have to be very careful when choosing furniture. The wrong piece of furniture can essentially ruin a room, cramping proportions and wasting precious space. Always find the furniture that will fit to the room, choose pieces that are exactly right for the available space. If the piece is slightly too small, then valuable space is