CoSchedule Review | Take Blog Organization to the Next Level

I will be the first to tell you that I am a un-organized confused person. As a Virgo, this is somewhat sad but not uncommon. I can happily organize things for the people in my life but getting myself organized is a different story altogether. As a blogger, I have events to attend, products to [...]


PowerPuff Girls Coding for Kids!

One thing that I have always worked on is learning to code. It has been a fight over time and new skills, but I am learning. Today, our little ones have such and advantage. Growing up in a world of technology, they learn to cope with so many changes on a weekly basis. My little [...]


PS Goes VR and All is right in the World!

OK, my wife and I have been teetering between going full on PC, thinking about an Xbox 1 ( No, we are not a fan of Xbox) or going back to the tried and true Playstation. We have always enjoyed being able to game on one counsel, or on the same LAN without having to [...]

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