Chore Monster Get Your Kids to Bet for Chores

Make your bed, clean your room, clean up the kitchen, Ahhh… the sounds of parent hood. Tired of repeating yourself? The problem is our kids do not want to do chores. Can anyone say “Xbox”? Some parents will use reward systems as inspiration for children who choose not to do chores. In today’s high speed world, their is a way to give your kids a reminder. I am a firm believer in a point system. In a way, it is there currency. The do chores and receive “pay” for the chores you did. Addition, Subtraction, Budgeting, and so many life skills are learned in such a reward and penalty system. It is highly beneficial for the children. lets Face it, the parents get something out of it to.
Meet The Chore Monster. This is a great online program that will help your child to remember why they are doing chores, there reason anyway. The chore monster will allow you to set up profiles for each child that graces your house. Once the profile is up, choose a goal. If your planing a camping trip, place that in the Reward screen. Choose a picture then set a point amount. This will display on your child’s screen as a reminder of goals he is setting out for.

Once the goal is set, it is time to set up a chore to earn the points earning the prize. Depending on the importance of the chore you can assign the appropriate amount of points. This will also display on the child’s side of the program. It will tell him what the chore is, how many points it is worth, and when it is due. He will now know what chores are due, what they pay in points and how many points they will be need for the goal they are working toward.

Your child can earn some options on the program as well. They can earn new monsters to display on there home screen. They can earn carnival tickets to play at the carnival section. With the proper goals set, and the ability of your child getting a chance to keep up with the points on there own, the Chore Monster is a highly beneficial program. It may even have your little angels ASKING for more chores. If the goal is a new video game, or movie tickets, its not unheard of for some children to ask for more chores, trying to tally more points. Give it a shot, you may be surprised.

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