Cool Caribbean Islands You Need To Visit

Do you dream of escaping to your private tropical island? Even though jetting off to your very own island might come with a huge price tag, there is no reason you can’t enjoy a peaceful getaway out in the tropics. After all, there are plenty of destinations to choose from in the Caribbean!

Once the prized destination of the rich and famous, the Caribbean islands have become a lot more affordable over recent years. So there is no wonder that many families are choosing to head there for their summer vacation! If you don’t know that much about the Caribbean, you are probably wondering which islands are the best to visit. Don’t worry; I’ve got your back – here are some of my favorites.

The Cayman Islands

There is lots of great information about Grand Cayman located at This is the largest of the Cayman Islands and has a vibe that is very similar to Southern Florida. So, you can expect a very laid-back and relaxed vacation! It is famous for its crystal clear waters, and you will find most of the other tourists snorkeling, swimming, and diving in the ocean. Keep your eyes on the water, and you might spot one of the island’s schools of stingrays swimming with you!


Aruba is a great option if you are traveling with a few different generations, as there is plenty to entertain people of different ages. Most of the resorts are family friendly and cater well for kids, but there are also lots of adult-orientated clubs, bars, and restaurants. Plus, it is a hotbed of casinos! If you have been to another Caribbean island before, you might notice a difference in the landscape here. All of the other islands have lush forests while Aruba is more like a desert island!


If you mention the Caribbean to anyone, the first island to pop into their head will probably be Barbados. This large island has accommodation to suit different budgets, especially in the buzzy town of Bridgetown. There is a lot of history to soak up in this lively city as it dates back to the 17th century! Golf fans also have a few different courses to choose from, but one of the best has to be


Do you want to do nothing more than spending your days sunbathing on the beach? Then the island of Anguilla is the place for you as it has some beautiful sugar-white beaches along its coast. It is also well-known for its diverse choice of bars and nightclubs. The island isn’t that big, so you will probably see everything in just a couple of days. But remember that people aren’t on this island to stay active – it’s all about unwinding on Anguilla!

These four islands are only the tip of the iceberg. You will find that there are plenty more to choose from! Do you have a favorite that I haven’t mentioned in this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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